Let's Try Walking in the Palestinians' Shoes

President Obama told Israelis to "[p]ut yourself in [the Palestinians'] shoes -- look at the world through their eyes."

Jews invented empathy, 3,000 years before Freud.  Every Passover, Jews are commanded to experience the Exodus as if we lived it ourselves, to never forget what it feels like to be oppressed.  Israelis bend over backwards empathizing with Palestinians.  Could President Obama please ask the Palestinians to walk a mile in Israeli shoes?

But let's listen to the president anyway; let's use our well-practiced powers of empathy to imagine walking in the Palestinians' shoes.  Listen to what they say, and notice how they behave.  We have a lot of direct communication about what Palestinians are feeling inside.  We can read Palestinian news, watch their TV programs, find out what they teach their children in school.

MEMRI is the go-to site for translations of Arab media.  Here's the latest commentary from a Palestinian journalist in their daily paper:

... because of their deceptiveness, cunning, and killing of prophets, the Jews have been a hated nation from time immemorial. ... [T]he Jews were the cause behind fitna (internal strife) among Muslims, and that throughout history, they had plotted to destroy every country they had inhabited -- even those which had welcomed them -- and that this explained their expulsion from many of these countries.

A little too much Jihadi-Nazism to really want to walk in those shoes. 

Maybe they're teaching their children a message that Israelis could identify with?  PMW, Palestinian Media Watch, focuses on the latest in early-childhood education in Palestinian schools:

Child recites poem:
Jews - "Allah's enemies, the sons of pigs"
"murdered children," "cut off their limbs,"
"raped the women in the city squares"
and "defiled Allah's book"

President Obama must not have tried this himself.  What exactly was this experiment supposed to show us?

Liberals keep saying Palestinians want peace.  Why should they?  What would peace bring them?  It would bring them what they have right now: an impoverished phony country ruled by corrupt and cruel kleptocrats.  They would be like every other miserable Arab country, but without the world attention.  They would no longer be the front lines in the Arab war to destroy Israel, and THEY would lose the billions of dollars a year that pour into their international welfare basket of a country. 

No wonder Palestinians talk and write constantly about one Arab state where Israel used to be.  They're not shy about saying they want to kill all the Jews in the world.  Google "polls Palestinian."  There's one by a group called the Israel Project that believes in "people to people peace."  They conducted a poll of one thousand Palestinians. 

Seventy-three percent agreed with a quote from the Article 7 in the Hamas Charter, about the need to kill Jews: "The Day of Judgment will not come about until Moslems fight Jews and kill them."

And when asked about a separate charter provision calling on battalions from the Arab and Islamic world to defeat the Jews, 80 percent of respondents agreed.

Seven hundred and thirty Palestians out of a thousand want to live in dead Jews' apartments and use all their stuff.  I really don't want to imagine Israel empty of Jews.

It's not just a poll.  For over sixty years, Palestinian leaders have refused every offer of having their own country, if it meant Jews got to have a country, too.   

Israel in the Oslo negotiations offered 95% of the disputed land, which is as good as an offer gets in this world, but Arafat didn't want it.  He said Arabs also had to be allowed to flood into Israel.  To be honest, I don't feel that comfortable trying to imagine how nice that would be.  Inside the Palestinian mind -- a kind of Rwanda genocide fantasy?  I don't want to go there.

Maybe Obama thinks the regular people would prefer to accept Jews as peaceful neighbors.  Give me some material here to work with; what am I seeing when I walk in these shoes?  I google "Palestinian peace group" -- ever heard of peace demonstration there?  Me neither.  All I find is a list of American, Israeli, and European "peace groups," pro-Palestinian organizations, some verging on anti-Semitic, all legitimizing  terrorism as a sign of frustration.  That's what these peaceniks see when they walk in Palestinian shoes: that Jews deserve to be blown up and stabbed, have infants seized in their cribs and their heads bashed in, as an understandable expression of Palestinian feelings. 

What about the 270 Palestinians who didn't agree with the "let's kill all the Jews" approach?  (We're getting like Sodom and Gemorrah, here, with "can you find ten good men?")  Let's imagine walking in their shoes. 

You are a Palestinian longing for peace.  You are very scared and very alone.  Your kids are being taught in school to sing that Jews are pigs, and your papers sound like Himmler in Arabic.  Your leaders have refused a Palestinian country every time it is offered.  Terrorist murderers are treated like heroes by jubilant crowds.  There is no peace movement to join, and even talking to a neighbor about wanting to co-exist with Israel could leave you with a bullet in the back of your head as a traitor.

What a hopeless place to be, in the shoes of a Palestinian who wants peace.

Maybe they can find some solace in the arts?  I googled Palestinian poetry, and right at the top were two on Obama's topic of walking in Palestinian shoes:

Look into my eyes
Tell me what ya see
U don't see a damn thing
Cuz u can't relate to me

And don't say I never told ya
About that kid that got shot by that 'so called' Israeli soldier.
His life is over
So think you are drinking his blood the next time you drink Coca Cola.

Feel better now? Understand how great it will be once the Palestinians have what they want?