Hands Off Jihadists, Arrest Patriots

The FBI has a double standard when it targets people suspected as threats to our national security.  How could they have questioned the now deceased Boston bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, placed him on a terrorist watch list, and entered him into a database for suspected international terrorists, but let him roam free until he blew somebody up?

How could the FBI have allowed Major Nidal Hasan, who ended up murdering 13 people in Ft. Hood, Texas, to keep his rank and continue to teach even when they had evidence that he was in contact with a known terrorist?  And how could they have cuffed and thrown into jail with lightning speed a patriot like ex-Marine Brandon Raub of Chesterfield, Virginia, whose only apparent violation was political incorrectness through his right to free speech?

Why does America's justice system treat alleged radical criminals with kid gloves while patriots are guilty until proven innocent?

When two FBI agents showed up on ex-Marine Brandon Raub's front porch last year to interview him, all they had was a Facebook page of rap song lyrics, political opinions on government cabals, talk of a an impending revolution, and what they said were "complaints" about his "threatening posts."  No jihad videos, no long list of warnings from co-workers, no threats to 'kill Americans," no domestic violence charges, no trips to Russia, no connections to Islamic fundamentalists, and no mention of "Allahu Akbar."

According to one source, the posts were made on a closed Facebook page Raub had created only days before.  In other words, the feds tracked him down pretty quickly and wasted no time taking a man who had served two tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq into custody. 

Raub's civil rights and liberties as a U.S. citizen went out the window.  FBI and Secret Service officials talked with Raub for a while until the local police moved in, handcuffed him, and took him to jail.  No warrant was served when Raub was first taken into custody, no charges were filed, and he was not read his rights.

John Whitehead, a constitutional lawyer from The Rutherford Institute, forwarded this timeline.

August 16, 2012:  federal and state officers came to Raub's home to question him and after about 15 minutes handcuffed him, took him into custody and transported him to jail.

August 17:  shortly after midnight, a magistrate issued a Temporary Detention Order allowing for the commitment of Raub on the basis of mental illness and dangerousness.  Raub was transported to John Randolph Medical Center, where he was held against his will.

August 20:  the state filed a petition for involuntary admission for treatment asserting Raub was mentally ill and dangerous.  The petition was granted and Raub was transported to the Salem (VA) Veterans Administration Medical Center and held there.

August 22:  TRI (The Rutherford Institute)  legal counsel for Raub filed an appeal from the order granting the petition for involuntary admission and treatment.

August 23:  Raub's TRI legal counsel was heard on the challenge to the order and the circuit court ruled that the August 20 petition was "so devoid of factual allegations that it could not reasonably be expected to give rise to a case or controversy," dismissed the August 20 Petition and ordered Raub's immediate release.

Raub had committed no crime but was literally pulled from his home and hauled off to jail without any due process.  The FBI treated him as a terror threat and put him away within 15 minutes.

In contrast to the FBI's vigilance when it came to targeting an innocent American veteran, the feds allowed the Ft. Hood shooter, Major Nidal Hasan, and the Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev to carry on with their jihadist plots against Americans despite a mountain of red flags.

In Hasan's case, the jihadist had expressed his support for suicide bombings and killing civilians in a series of 2008 e-mails obtained by two FBI anti-terrorism units.  The FBI never questioned Hasan and never temporarily detained him. 

The FBI did manage to interview Tamerlan Tsarnaev two years ago, but they failed to find any incriminating information about him.  CBS reported that the FBI "initially denied contacting Tsarnaev but Tsarnaev's mother said they had in an interview with Russia Today. She insisted the FBI 'knew what he was doing on Skype' and that they counseled him 'every step of the way.'"

How did the FBI miss the now deceased Tamerlan's violent Islamic extremist YouTube videos, which began in 2010, while at the same time, they were able to hone in on Raub's Facebook page and then interrogate, arrest, and detain him within a relatively short period of time with no justification? 

Hunting down a non-Muslim, innocent, white American veteran, and sending him far away from his family, friends, and attorneys -- all the while apologizing, bowing down, and excusing our country as a hotbed of Islamophobia has become a hallmark of this administration...and, by extension, the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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