Dangerous Times: Will Shale beat Shari'ah?

A week after the Boston Marathon bombing, Conservative London Mayor Boris Johnson wrote a shameless puff-piece celebrating the glories of "sensuous" camel racing in the Gulf emirates in the London Telegraph. Gulf Arabs, including the Saudi Arabians, are huge terrorist enablers, big European spenders, London party animals, media investors, sexual abusers, wife beaters, Euro-American arms purchasers, Shari'ah imperialists, massive London vote buyers and powerful political meddlers.

Boris Johnson, who is not a stupid man, is also aware of a slew of London Jihad bombings starting in 2007, both successful ones and a reported sixteen fizzled plots. He knows exactly who pays for Al Qaida and who pays for vote-buying by hundreds of thousands of radicalized Pakistanis imported into London via the corrupt and politicized immigration system.

But Mr. Johnson still sang for his supper about the glories of camel racing in the Gulf emirates and their "dynamic" economies. He has that in common with Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama.

Desert Arabs of the Gulf region would still be living in pathetic tents and whooping up rape and pillage raids on each other, were it not for John D. Rockefeller, whose company discovered Arabian oil in vast quantities before 1900. Even today radical Islamists on both sides of the Gulf have only two exports: oil and religious fanaticism.

London has seen its share of Jihad bombings, and yet -- it has allowed radical terror-preaching imams to radicalize thousands of followers at places like the Finsbury Park Mosque. In Europe and America the most fanatical Wahhabi imams run the worldwide Saudi missionary campaign to convert the infidel by lies, promises, and the revenge psychology of 7th century Arabia, which killed off more advanced civilizations like the Persian and Byzantine Empires. There are two major sources of terrorism in the Muslim world: Iran and Arabia, both fueled by oil and war theology.

Britain's huge investment in universal electronic spying has prevented 16 attacks the size of the 7/7 Underground bombing. But the corrupted and Europeanized political system of today's Britain has never managed to do the obvious: to shut out the sources of societal toxins.Today, the ruling classes of Britain and Europe are drunk on oil money from the Gulf.

Boris Johnson is just one little example of the corrupting power of OPEC monopoly in Europe and America. Britain now has a press censorship law as part of its surrender to political correctness. The left wing of Labour and Arabian desert fanatics will benefit, because they can only survive with censorship. Britain is the transatlantic Chicago Machine of Illinois, and Washington, D.C. today is the national version of Chicago. When child sexual abusers like Senator Menendez can be exposed by the FBI and still survive as the corrupt and sleazy chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee we know that Washington D.C. has entered a stage of Third World corruption. This is America in the age of Obama.

Well, the good news today is that with the rise of shale energy wells all over the world, OPEC will lose its near-monopoly very soon, maybe in half a dozen years.

Shale may therefore defeat shari'ah before it is too late.  -- Caroline Glick.

Obama is a far more rigid leftist ideologue than Boris Johnson, who is capable of real flashes of common sense. As he has written himself, Obama is ideologically pro-Muslim. While that sounds bizarre to most of us, for rigid Third World Socialists the Muslims are an "oppressed" people. The fact that they keep killing and oppressing each other has no meaning in Obama's stuck belief system. The fact that Muslim regimes persecute secular Marxists at every opportunity means nothing.

Even after the Boston Marathon bombing, the Obama left is trying to transform Muslim killers into victims. But nobody believes them anymore. Normal people are seeing Islamist fanaticism for what it is. Only the political and media establishment is mentally stuck in some groove of their own.

We can now see a thousand signs that the radical left is allied to Islamic fascism. In Benghazi Obama was caught smuggling Libyan arms to the Al Qaida-allied rebels in Syria. That is the real meaning of Benghazi: this administration is now obviously supporting the enemy. Whether or not they have some scheme to set Sunnis against Shi'ites in Syria, it is a very dangerous gamble. Islamists can fight each other one day and unite against the infidels the next. Once Iran gets a nuclear bomb their decision time is reduced to minutes.

Conservatives think Obama's anti-American bias is insane, which is why it is so upsetting to see the Islamist narrative win in the media over and over again. Supporting barbarism is nuts. It contradicts everything civilized peoples have learned since World War II. And yet, jihad propaganda keeps winning the liberal media.

Why? The last time Democrats allowed an enemy to infiltrate the U.S. was during the Stalin era. When Americans realized the degree of leftist betrayal of the country it took them decades to recover. The country found its conservative roots again after FDR, the New Deal, and the first half of the Cold War.

Why are liberals risking political suicide to protect Islamist ideology?

The simple answer is money, oil, and power. Starting with OPEC in the 1970s, the oil powers have thoroughly corrupted America and Europe. Oil money has bought media power for the Saudis and Iranians, thanks to the radical left that rose to power starting in the 1960s. We saw the depth of corruption when Saddam Hussein bought Kofi Annan, Jacques Chirac, and Dominique de Villepin in the Oil for Food Scandal ten years ago. The Saddam scandal was only the tip of the Saudi and Iranian iceberg.

But now the oil tourniquet of the Middle East is beginning to lossen up. Huge shale energy discoveries in the U.S. and Canada have turned this country into a net exporter of natural gas, in spite of the rise of fanatical ecoworshippers in the Obama administration. Capitalist technological dynamism has already defeated the publicity campaign against shale development, and for a very simple reason: there is no central spigot to control. Political
alliances can control the flow of tankers going through the Gulf. But there are no political alliances that can stop China and other energy-hungry nations from developing their enormous domestic sources of shale. The "oil crisis" has just ended with a great, technological victory for capitalism.

The media won't figure this out for a few years, but intelligent investors know it. Just as left ideologues seem to have won in the United States and Europe, their crucial economic leverage is crumbling. Ideologues think they know the future. Technologists and capitalists know better.

What effect will this radical change have on the culture wars? Will left-Islamist control freaks like Obama try to control a low-cost energy world with few practical limits?

China now builds the equivalent of one coal-burning power plant every day. In ten years that plant will be converted to natural gas from China's own sources (including the ones it just grabbed in the South China Sea). The pollution impact of that coal plant will then drop drastically, because natural gas has no particulates like diesel fuel or coal. In Europe and America, irrational schemes for wind and tidal power will die aborning. They are doomed to crumble, and the only question is "how quickly"?

In a major civilizational struggle like this, communication and education are the main battlefields. In the West the radical left conquered the organs of propaganda in the Sixties and Seventies, when the media took a hard left turn. Even as the Soviet paradise crumbled around 1990, Western ideological media remained stuck in the Communist Manifesto of 1848. The mental world of the socialist media stayed fixed in the distant past, just as the Islamist media are stuck in the ancient world of the 7th century.

For conservatives the shale revolution represents a huge new chance for a political renaissance. Once again, rigid ideological empires are set to crumble. In Europe the radical-left ruling class is running into the giant iceberg of the single Euro currency. The Euro ruling class is scrambling to keep its money and power while the world is moving under their very feet. The Euro struggle is now a pure powerstruggle, like Bourbon France before the French Revolution. If European voters could throw out the bums they would do so today. That is also why crypto-fascist opportunists are now arising, like Beppe Grillo in Italy and Viktor Orban in Hungary.

This year it looks like Islamic imperialism is on the rise as a result of the "Arab Spring" -- bringing anarchy and war to Syria, Libya, Egypt, Somalia, and all the rest. Islamists have been making ferocious war on the West since 1993, the first bomb attack on the World Trade Center. Last week's Boston massacre shows they have not given up, and the Obama Administration has not made America more secure. On the contrary -- Obama has yielded to the enemy.

But in less than a decade the Middle East will lose its monopoly oil power, as fountains of shale energy emerge all over the world. There will be thousands of new opportunities for freedom and prosperity, as technology and knowledge spread around the world at near-zero cost.

Will conservatives be prepared to spread freedom through the new media?

Humanity could see a new renaissance.

Or -- the power-hungry control freaks could win.

Which will it be? Freedom or medieval tyranny?

And what will you do to speed a return to normalcy?