Dangerous Times: How to tell Conservatives from Fascists

Can we all agree that these two athletes who just celebrated their games by giving the Hitler salute in Europe are not, repeat not, conservatives?


Conservatives want to defend the best traditions. It's the left that is always coming up with new reasons to overthrow marriage, childhood, healthy education, the Constitution, and all that.

Fascists are also revolutionaries, not conservatives.

Hitler's slogan was "Everything must change" (Alles muss Anders sein). That is not a conservative slogan. It is a revolutionary slogan, and if you add up all the victims of utopian madmen in the 20th century, you get a huge horror story. Fascists are communists in drag.

Our left prefers to skip that history, but we remember. We'd better remember.

Now in Europe, crypto (hidden) fascist parties are pretending to be conservative. The left, which hates real conservatives, keeps smearing good and decent people as "fascists" when in fact they are only sensible conservatives.

Sounds familiar? Sure it does.

Obama follows the EuroLeft playbook, like all the Democrats, who have been leftist radicals since 1968. Obama is an unprecedented U.S. president, not because he is black, but because he sees enemies everywhere in our own people, even in the mom and pop Tea Party movement.

That is a slander and a smear, but it is how Obama plays politics. His purpose is to smear good and decent people with the KKK label. It shows us a lot -- especially about Obama himself. Not about his chosen enemies. It is Obama who does the scapegoating. This whole administration is about smearing normal people as freaks.

Mitt Romney is a good and decent man. In the last election he was successfully smeared by the radical Left through the party-line media. That is what makes the Democrats a radical party today, not a normal American party. Today's Democrats have to lie about who they are. They have to take formerly respectable labels like "liberal" when they are really radicals with a distinct totalitarian odor.

The public has to be snookered, and to our shame, the American public is about as dumb and suckered as you can get. Anybody with eyes can see that Obama is a con artist, just as anybody can see that Al Sharpton is not a "reverend." Turn the dial of history just one little click and they are used lemon salesmen.

The radical left always fails to achieve its utopian dreams, because it always tries to control the uncontrollable -- like the Obama economy. Those dreams turn into nightmares every single time. Kim ("Fatty III") in North Korea has huge concentration camps today because he can never achieve total control. He is an "idealistic utopian," like all the rest.

Nanny Bloomberg's campaign against Big Gulp sodas in New York City is only a funnier case of the control mania among the other Obamanoids. Michelle Obama's dream for America is really to be the head coach doing jumping jacks on national TV every morning, so that all American workers are forced to get exercise along for a couple of hours and lose their extra pounds. These "idealistic" people are sure they know all the answers, and if they can only get a little more power.... Maybe kill a few more dissidents... just a little more coercion...

Britain and the U.S. have a long tradition of democratic conservatism.

But -- and here is the real danger -- in continental Europe the decent conservative tradition is much weaker.

Instead, there is a big, fat fascist tradition, the exact mirror image of the big, fat communist tradition.

Today the crypto-fascist parties in Italy, Greece, Hungary, etc., are all pretending to be conservative.

The genuinely conservative parties are all accused of being fascists by the left, including the European Union. The EU always pretends to be the bulwark against totalitarianism, when it is in fact only another eruption of the same old disease. EU bureaucrats are amazing control freaks. The whole idea of imposing a single currency by fiat on countries as different as Germany and Greece is a typical example of their control delusions. They start out feeling very idealistic, and they don't really want to kill people as long as they are willing to obey absolutely. They only kill to defend the Revolution.

Remember those athletes giving the Hitler salute? That salute makes it pretty clear who they are. Well, cryptos are back in the news, we are sorry to report.

In Hungary Viktor Orban just took over and instantly changed the constitution. He also signaled approval for the old Nazi-style Hungarian parties.

Orban is not, repeat not, a conservative.

Neither are Grillo in Italy, Spahiu in Albania, Erdogan in Turkey, Golden Dawn in Greece, Morsi in Egypt, the mullahs in Iran, etc., etc.

Here's why they are not conservatives:

1. Cryptos represent the paranoid style in Euro politics. They want to hang the Jews, the Gypsies, the bankers, and the hated neighbors -- all the usual scapegoats of European totalitarian politics. The Greek Golden Dawn Party wants to slice off a piece of Macedonia and Albania. The cryptos who run Turkey today are meddling all over the Balkans.

2. Cryptos seem to be financed by radical Islamists. Italy's crypto Beppe Grillo loves the Iranian mullahs and Shari'ah banks, which give away free money. (Honest -- this is Grillo ideology). Muslim banks "don't charge interest on loans." Grillo hates Israel and loves Iran, and the money from Tehran to Grillo is pretty easy to see. The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) has similar money strings running into eastern and southern Europe, like a poisoned spiderweb. Islamist radicalism dances arm in arm with the Euro cryptos.

3. Cryptos wil grab leftist issues as needed. Beppe Grillo decided last week that gay marriage is a good thing. But remember Grillo's follower who said that childhood inoculation vaccines makes you gay. Grillo will say anything for power.

Conservatives have principles.

Cryptos have rage.

Even the brain-locked left should be able to tell the difference.

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