Closing the White House as Mental Abuse

For the first time in my adult life, I am not proud of the First Lady.

Mrs. Obama is frequently compared to Marie Antoinette.  She spends hundreds of millions of dollars a year on her own pleasure and aggrandizement while urging the peasants to plant gardens.  And for the first time in American history, we have a president who insults us across the world, disavows the idea that American is special, enriches our enemies such as the Muslim Brotherhood, and degrades our achievements ("You didn't build that.").

Metaracism instilled in the Obamas the tragedy of ingratitude.  They were taught that the power and wealth that have been heaped upon them is restitution, and as such, they are absolved from personal sacrifice or generosity to America.  This is delusional but very profitable.  The Obamas view the White House as spoils.  Closing it is an intensification of their efforts to crush the spirit of the people they blame.

Hope is the drug of the codependent.  The Obamas are addicted to power, and the American people are their co-addicts, reduced to passively hoping the White House will reopen.  Our system of balanced branches has failed.  Our spirit to stand up for ourselves is in abeyance.

It is typical for abusers to break or destroy prized objects of their victims.  When abusers take a beloved object away, they do so to give their victim the message, "I have total power over this.  Even though it's yours, I can take it away at any time."  Even if they reopen the White House, the Obamas have taught us that it is theirs to control.

Abuse victims want to go back to the abuser and ask, "Why did you do this to me?"  That question is the last vestige of hope, the wish to avoid facing that the abuser really did want to hurt them.  Victims hope that maybe the abuse was a mistake or misunderstanding.  When President Obama called us bitter clingers to religion and guns, he was deriding America's most significant freedoms of worship and armed self-protection.

Abusers don't want to understand their victims' experience.  As a child, President Obama learned about who we are from America-blamers and haters, and then as a race-privileged student at elite private universities.  It is no wonder he doesn't like us recognize that closing the White House to the American people is his own weighty failure.

Face it: Obama wants to diminish us as a nation.  He wants to separate us from our rights and possessions.  Closing the White House, the second home for all Americans, was no mistake.  It was a mental manipulation to deepen our learned helplessness.

Battered Nation Syndrome

America is suffering from battered nation syndrome.  But our recovery has nothing to do with the Obamas.  The American Revolution was not about King George III, nor was the Civil War about Southern slaveholders.  It is about the permanent resolve to be free.

Psychologists have identified four symptomatic beliefs of the battered mind.  All apply to the current American psyche.  They are presented here with cognitive reframing for recovery.

1. The abused thinks the abuse is his or her own fault.

America is the incomparable champion of liberty, especially on the question of race.  We are the only nation in history so caught up with freedom that we were willing to fight a war to end slavery.  We are the only nation in history so inspired by truth that we will fight a hundred-year war if necessary over the definition of human life.

Perhaps there will be a New Humanity.  Perhaps someday people will find a way to live beyond war and selfishness or become better able to follow the Way already given.  But until then, this Constitutional Republic is the matchless engine of freedom. We must not forget that -- especially when our leaders do.

2. The abused has an inability to place responsibility on the abuser.

We must hold all government officials, elected and unelected, responsible for battered nation syndrome.  We must impeach, protest, commit civil disobedience, and use any means necessary to get rid of politicians who break their oath to defend the Constitution.

Abuse recovery is a creative process.  Once a victim gets sick of the abuse, ways to place responsibility on the abuser become clear.  Regarding the White House, it is time for  Don't beg the Obamas to reopen the White House; demand that Congress defund and close it now.  One point five billion dollars for one family for one year is intolerable.  We can reopen the White House when we have a president who understands that it is not his private playground.  We have the power to move them out.  We need 100,000 people at the White House chanting "MOVE OUT NOW" 24 hours a day until they git.  We need every town square to resound with "Move Them Out."  The commander in chief can work out of the Pentagon.  Somebody can explain to him what it is.

3. The abused has come to fear for his or her life.

Recovery is supposed not to remove realistic fear, but to help the abused use it mindfully for self-protection.  We hear reports that the executive branch, funded by Congress, is stockpiling huge amounts of weapons and ammunition.  The fact that this is not being challenged energetically reflects the dissociative psyche of a mentally battered people.  The Constitution is designed to ensure that Americans never fear their government, and the government perpetually be afraid to lose our consent.  We must make this government stop threatening our domestic tranquility.

4. The abused has an irrational belief the abuser is omnipresent and omniscient.

In the 1970s, the Supreme Court held that the right to medical privacy was so essential that it justified the choice to let an unborn live or not.  Today, the exact same right is dismissed as unimportant by an administration which clamors for the centralization and control of all medical information.  We must use all our energy to prevent the government from conducting unconstitutional searches of our minds, bodies, homes, possessions, and personal information.

The Obamas benefit from a warped understanding of the past and a socialist-materialist vision of the future.  Let us live more and more in our present freedom.