Who're you going to Trust: The Stock Market or the Media Innumerates?

Years ago, when I used to play poker with some guys, I played a hand in which across the table from me was someone who looked as though he had a straight flush. He kept pumping up the bidding and everyone folded but me. When we finally showed our hands he had nothing. "You don't know what you're doing," he yelled. "Any good player would have folded! Why did you stay in?" he shouted angrily. "Because you curled your lip and reacted furiously when I stayed in. Someone with a winning hand would never do that." I responded, raking in the pile of chips. I was reminded of that this week, when Obama overplayed his sequester hand. While the press keeps carrying his water, claiming we'll all suffer because the Republicans held him to his word when his team proposed the sequester deal, the market and the rest of us see it otherwise. After the witching hour -- midnight the 28th -- sarcastic reports starting appearing online: ‎@iowahawkblog: #OnTheSceneSequesterReport Mass...(Read Full Article)