Turkey's Erdoğan and the Zenith of Hypocrisy

Turkey's Islamist prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is once again engaging in his favorite political pastime - Israel-bashing. Late last month at a U.N. convention held ironically to promote religious tolerance, Erdoğan lambasted Israel by calling Zionism "a crime against humanity."  Indeed, Erdoğan even outdid the biggest anti-Israel institution in the world - the United Nations - which in 1975 passed its infamous "Zionism is Racism" resolution. But Erdoğan's continuous contempt for Israel shows the arrogance and hypocrisy of Turkey.  For if there has ever been a country in the Middle East guilty of committing crimes against humanity, it is Turkey.  Indeed, next to Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, 20th-century Turkey ranks right up there when it comes to massacres, rapes, expulsions, and rapine perpetrated against ethnic and religious minorities - namely Armenians, Greeks, and Kurds. Before documenting Turkey's crimes against other people, it should first...(Read Full Article)