The Truth about Legislating Morality

I'm in my early forties, so I can remember well the days of NFL football before instant replay.  Whatever the shortcomings, the benefit of the official getting the call right always trumped any inconvenience that might result from a video review of a play. Of course, "getting it right" means that there is a standard, much like the rules in the NFL, to which we all are (or should be) held.  Despite notions to the contrary, as we argue and debate the issues of our day, ultimately each of us relies on such a standard, or some notion of right and wrong, or fair play, or rules, or morality, or whatever you want to call it. What's more, the very foundation of our government depends upon such a notion.  In fact, the foundation of any good government, culture, society, or virtually any situation where human beings interact with one another rests upon what used to be called Natural Law. Our Founding Fathers understood this well.  However, the idea that liberty, good...(Read Full Article)