The Future of Private-Practice Medicine in ObamaCare

As we venture into the beginnings of government-run health care, we will be witnessing the not so insidious demise of private practice medicine.  The overall plan of our political class, in their well-intentioned and voter-supported effort to cut wildly escalating health care costs, involves organizing groups that they can control more effectively than they can the current system.  Unbeknownst to the voting public, this effort cuts out private practitioners of medicine.  Doctors who own their own businesses, employ their own staff, make their own decisions about how long they will work on a particular day, pay their own insurance, comply with increasingly onerous business rules and regulations, pay their own rent, and keep up with the most recent improvements in the field of medicine will just be told that they can't play in the government's new playground.  The great "Borg" of ObamaCare will play with only the chosen few who are fortunate enough to sit at the...(Read Full Article)