The Abolition of Sex

The Massachusetts public school system has taken the tired mantra "You can be whatever you want to be" to new heights of absurdity.  It is now possible for any student to declare what his sex is regardless of whether it is the biological opposite of what she was born as.   The new transgender manifesto, which includes punishments and counseling for students who object to the idea of changing one's sex by fiat, can be found here.

The basic premise is that a student has the right to decide what sex he or she is, and the school is required to support the child's self-proclaimed identity in every respect.  According to the aforementioned document, if a boy decides he is a girl, he is to be addressed as "she," and school records are to reflect his new preference by recording his feminine name of choice.  Thus, "John" is to be known hereafter as "Jane" if s/he so desires, and parental assignation of nomenclature be damned.  Schools are to promote gender neutral clothing.  It appears that standard graduation garb such as blue gowns for boys and white for girls is to be scrapped along with any requirement that girls wear dresses to the prom. 

If a kid were to announce he was the reincarnation of Napoleon Bonaparte and seriously began to imitate Napoleon, he would be rushed off for a complete psychological evaluation and subjected to behavior modification.  He would justifiably be denied the means to act out his mad fantasy.  Certainly the school administrators would not create a Napoleonic code for every child to follow in order Napoleon, Jr. feel at home in the school environment.

But even more pertinent is the fact that no child in American would be encouraged to declare a new racial heritage, which is also assigned at birth as surely as her sex.  For example, what Asian or black child would be encouraged to declare herself white?  Instead, wouldn't she be encouraged to be proud of herself no matter what race or ethnicity she was? She would be considered a very troubled girl who needed help in claiming her natural identity.

But it isn't considered mad to allow a child to announce he is a girl and to legitimize his fantasy by retrofitting the entire public school system in order to enforce his distorted view of reality?  A confused seven-year-old can now command the entire student body to accommodate itself to his demands?

How did public education come to such a pass?  What theory of education could possibly support the arbitrary elimination of sex differences?

A theory that this represents the dead end of existentialism and egalitarianism could and does support such madness.

Existentialism basically claims true freedom is the ability to make one's self whatever one chooses to be without reference to societal norms or transcendent values. 

As Jean Paul Sartre wrote:

"If existence really does precede essence, there is no explaining things away by reference to a fixed and given human nature. In other words, there is no determinism, man is free, man is freedom."

Identity comes from each human being's self-determination.  Because there is nothing outside of us which gives us definition, we must make our identity up as we go along, and our self-chosen identity may change at any given moment.  By sheer act of will, we determine who we are.  It is all up to us.  We are masters of our identity.

Sartre placed a sort of moral limit on self-identity by saying that what we determine to be the good for ourselves must be extended to the entire human race, as he quickly recognized that self-identification could mean any choice was possible. But the existentialist version of the Golden Rule merely meant that anyone could decide that what was good for himself is necessarily good for all of humanity -- a concept dear to the progressive elite, who know what's best for all of us.  The new Golden Rule, as enacted by Massachusetts educators, means that what is good for a kid who decides he's a girl is good for the entire student body, and objections be damned. 

What is particularly pertinent to the case of the Massachusetts public schools is that the existentialist ideal means the constant re-evaluation of all values and an ever shifting standard of what it means to be human.  But the constant shifting of one's identity is an indication of not only the abandonment of all values, but a sign of insanity.  The woman who has multiple identities complete with alternate personalities she can switch on at any given moment is the woman in a mental institution.  

Yet so-called "educators" are seriously proposing that one of the chief means of identifying one's self is up for grabs -- by mere children.

The philosophy behind the crackpot theories of the Massachusetts "educators" is also the dead end of egalitarianism.  What the Left is proposing is a leveling so extreme that all distinctions are rendered null and void.  Anything different is to be torpedoed, including the distinctions of male and female.  This cannot be achieved without violent brainwashing of the children in our classrooms.

Which brings us to the next point; namely that the extreme leftist movement behind this recent insanity displays the characteristics of a sex cult.  America's past and present are littered with such cults.  It's just that having our public schools taken over by a sex cult is something we hadn't anticipated.  But the fact is that a cult is using our kids to promote their outrageous theories on human sexuality. Our children are being brainwashed into believing their sexual identity is a completely arbitrary matter.  Thus, they are being abused rather than affirmed as they are created.  Psychological and emotional manipulation and experimentation is just as cruel as physical torture, perhaps even more so, as children have almost no filters to sift through the garbage that is being poured into their little minds and hearts.

For decades, Christians and Jews have heard the magnificent story of Genesis ridiculed as a myth, a fairy tale and a hoary irrelevancy.  "Male and female created he them."  How quaint.  What hilarious, sidesplitting comedy.  How retrogressive can one be to believe such stuff?  Sex is so arbitrary!  Be a man!  Be a woman!  Be neither! Be whatever you want to be!  You can do it!

But in the final analysis, which view of humanity is correct -- the one which acknowledges what overwhelming evidence and every civilization since the dawn of man knows to be true, or the crackpot theory that advocates eliminating the distinctions between male and female? 

A final word to parents: How long are you going to put up with the abuse of your little ones?  When will you rise up, remove your kids from what have become insane asylums and insist on placing your children in environments that are devoted to real education?

Act now before it is too late.

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