Dangerous Times: Crypto-Fascism in Italy, Hungary, Greece, Albania

A great sense of alarm is spreading among ordinary Europeans today, especially in the south and east of the continent.  Now even the elitist media are giving us the worst international news since the Cold War.

Americans do not want to hear this, either.

Well, you may not be interested in evil, but evil may be interested in you.

Listen up. This could be important.

The Washington Post just told us that a dictatorial strongman has risen to power in Hungary, a man named Viktor Orban.  In a two-hour parliamentary session, Orban forced radical changes in the Hungarian constitution to favor his own party.  Orban caught the European media and political elites by complete surprise.

In Germany, Der Spiegel is finally reporting on Beppe Grillo, calling him "the most dangerous man in Europe."  Grillo is the failed Italian comedian who used the web to recruit 9 million voters in the recent election, barely one percent short of Mussolini's first vote in 1922, giving him a plurality in parliament.

This week, Grillo met with Italy's President Napolitano and demanded that his Five Star Party be given ministerial control of the police and the government-owned media (RAI), the levers of big power.

Nobody knows if Grillo will get what he wants.  If he ever succeeds in running the Italian federal police and media, Italy will be in very deep trouble.  Maybe he won't succeed today, but he is running for the next election coming in June.  Yes, June of this year.

You can believe that Grillo aims for total power.  He says so himself, and his brainwashed followers believe it.

Beppe Grillo sounds like a nutcase, but he is clever as a fox.  It's possible that he says crazy things on purpose to get under the media radar.  What a crazy comedian this guy Grillo must be!  Everybody laughs at him - except his 9 million Italian voters.

Grillo and his followers says that AIDS comes from vaccines for children, or maybe vaccines will make you homosexual.  They have it both ways.  Jet contrails in the sky are spreading hallucinogens to the people of Italy.  Cancer chemotherapy is made by Big Pharma to kill you.

Obviously crazy stuff.

As a result, every serious political observer in the world dismissed Grillo the Clown before he won a plurality in Italy.  Now he is telling the world he is going for 100% of the vote.  It sounds crazy, but paranoid personalities like this often function very well in the real world.  Their crazy beliefs are isolated "islands of ideas" and exist right along with normal thinking in the rest of their brains.  That is why they can get by without being spotted.

About 0.5-2.0 percent of the general population suffers from paranoid symptoms.  With that kind of baseline percentage, some of these people are inevitably drawn to politics, and remember, they can be crazy as a fox.  It's in the standard manual for mental disorders. per

But - Beppe could also be running a very shrewd and sophisticated disinformation campaign, with the help of his sinister pal Roberto Casaleggio, who runs a big internet business.  (See our previous columns).

We do not know the answer.  We only report what we see.  Either way, mad or not, Beppe Grillo is finally understood around the world to be a real danger.

Even the BBC is catching up with the news from Europe, with an exclusive report on a reported assault by Golden Dawn Party thugs on a member of the Athenian parliament named Dmitri Stratoulis.  Golden Dawn in Greece has a nearly identical political program to the other crypto-parties.  And finally, next-door in Albania, the elected government of Sali Berisha is being tarred and feathered by the Red and Black Party, run vendetta-style by one Kreshnik Spahiu.  More than half of Albanians are Muslims, and they presumably listen to Al Jazeera for their daily news.

American conservatives are too concerned about the United States to add Europe to our list of worries.  Unfortunately, the European crisis links directly with Obama and the radical left in this country.

Obama is a carbon copy of the European elite.  But Eurosocialism is visibly beginning to fail today, with the euro currency zone likely to split in half or worse.  This is the worst economic crisis in Europe since World War II, and the neighboring Middle East is one great brushfire.  Maybe that brushfire is leaping the Mediterranean to infect the vulnerable parts of Europe.

Obama and the Democrats are Eurosocialists, and Europe today may therefore be in our own future.  We must dodge that bullet, and to do that, we must first understand it.  Europe and America are no longer separable.  It would be nice to go back to isolationism, but in the age of the web, there's not a chance.

Along with the rise of the crypto-parties, the euro currency is currently under enormous pressure, and the unelected European Union is testing its powers to carve up to 10% out of bank deposits in Cyprus.  If the EU succeeds in its ad hoc banking tax in the small island of Cyprus, it may try the same thing in other member-states.  That fear caused turmoil in the world currency markets this week.

The European Union represents socialism with a smiling face, but it is just as elitist, self-serving, and corruptible as the late Soviet Union.  Euro-skeptics like to call their super-government the EU-SSR.  Member governments are elected by the voters, but the European Parliament is a pure Potemkin Front, just like the Czars of Russia used to make.  The EU Parliament in Strasbourg has no legislative powers at all.  Rather, the EU is run by appointed "commissions," just as the Soviet Union was run by appointed "soviets" (councels).  As a political machine, the EU owes as much to the Soviet Union as it does to more democratic traditions.  Naturally, the EU comes complete with its own utopian program of EU-style world governance, with peace and prosperity forever to all who obey its dictates.

We do not confuse the European Union with the new crypto-parties.  They are political enemies.  They have different political programs.  But we believe that decades of misgovernment by the EU has provided the space for these new characters to operate.

Europe's new crypto-fascist parties are in rebellion against the EU, and they all sound nationalist and socialist - all too reminiscent of that old black plague of World War II.  The Greek Golden Dawn Party makes territorial claims on neighboring Albania, and the Albanian Red and Black Party makes claims on Greece.  Italy's Beppe Grillo has website photos of Grillo in conscious imitation of Benito Mussolini looking like a Roman Emperor, and Viktor Orban in Hungary is signaling his approval of the Nazi-like Jobbik Party.  Hungary was a major source of Nazi ideology in the 1920s, and today printed threats are being sent to retired university professors with Jewish names.

Naturally, all the crypto-parties deny their roots in historical fascism.  But their websites reveal amazingly similar programs.  The same symbolism, the same ethnic hatreds, similar slogans, the same dystopian dreams, the same paranoid imaginings, and the same style of dictatorial control - they all smell like the bad old past.

However, as we have pointed out before, in the case of Italy, there is very strong prima facie evidence of radical Islamist influences on failed clown Beppe Grillo and his Five Star Party.  The fact that nearly identical parties are arising in several neighboring countries could mean that we are seeing a well-coordinated cyber-assault on post-World War II Europe, financed by the big Islamist oil regimes.  The Eurosocialist media have been peddling hatred for the State of Israel for decades, in apparent coordination with the oil powers.  Because of a major Wall Street Journal exposé in the 1990s we know that an oil-fueled Saddam Hussein bought French politicians like Jacques Chirac and Dominique de Villepin, and it has been reported that President Nicolas Sarkozy was paid $50 million by Libya's Moammar Gaddafi.  However, the French helped to overthrow Gaddafi anyway a couple of months ago, in typical Gallic style.

We do not pretend to know whether the Euro-crypto-parties are funded and run by Islamist oil powers, but the Pentagon reported recently that Iran has 30,000 agents in the outside world.  Islamists in the Middle East have Nazi links going back to World War II.  Maybe our low-information media could look into it.

Corruption is common in these four economically desperate countries, and their democratic traditions are weak.  The political elite has not responded to the voters, and this would be an opportune time for the accumulated oil wealth of the Middle East to make a move on Europe, following Islamist theology.  When wealthy oil regimes finance massive hate propaganda for decades, inspiring the socialist world media in Europe and the U.S. to scapegoat Israel and America in almost identical terms, it is not hard to guess which way the wind is blowing. 

Beppe Grillo is personally linked to a very wealthy Khomeinist family in Tehran.  Grillo has said in public that his late father-in-law "taught me everything I know about the Middle East."  Like the other lock-step crypto-parties, Grillo blames all of Italy's economic misfortunes on the International Jewish Conspiracy, the Illuminati, the Masons, and of course the international banks.  He glorifies the Iranian throwbacks to the Middle Ages, and chances are very good that they have returned his favors for years.

Over several decades, the European left has constantly accused its democratic opponents of being secret racists and fascists.  They are almost always wrong, and after crying Wolf! for these many years, nobody now believes in wolves anymore.  But ordinary people in Italy and Eastern Europe are feeling scared.  E-mail them if you know people back there.

Guess what: the wolves are back in politics, and they are in cahoots with the Islamist resurgence of the Middle East.

Most of the world is sane - not mad - nor is the world run by one giant conspiracy.  Yet mad fanatics really exist, and sometimes they are funded and managed by clever intelligence agencies.

We believe that the crypto-fascist parties of Europe represent a threat to free countries around the world.  We believe they are weak today, but they will become stronger tomorrow if the civilized world ignores them.  We believe that fanatics of any kinds - socialist or fascist - are very bad news.

Please check the facts for yourself.

You have the greatest news source in history at your fingertips.

And if you agree with us that there is a real problem, you are now Paul Revere in person.

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