Advice from Sheryl Sandberg: Lean In to Discover It's Your Fault

In her new book, Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg -- the very successful billionaire female executive: COO at Facebook and, according to Forbes, the fifth most powerful businesswoman in America -- offers up a liberal helping of politically-correct ideology (the standard threadbare diagnosis that: Cultural messages for girls undermine their leadership; sexism is alive and well in corporate America; women spend too much time worrying about being likeable, etc.).  Sandberg points out that the percentage of top female executives (4 percent) hasn't changed in more than a decade.  She blames women for "leaning" away from highly visible roles and responsibilities; they are risk-adverse. Instead of "leaning" in to the potential for success, women tend, she says, to start worrying about their career taking them away from family and thus don't "Lean In" to the potential of their jobs, nor do they navigate the political waters of corporate America very well.  Women tend to hide or...(Read Full Article)