A Komodo Dragon in Thailand and some Badgers in Singapore

On our way to Bangkok we stop at a small private island , Ko Kood, Thailand, site of three luxury resorts. The island is owned and has been developed by a Thai businessman who has a gorgeous home on the water, At the tip of the gulf is the mouth of the Chai Praya river which flows through the  Bangkok and which on my third visit to this glorious and ever improving capital city remains to my mind the best way to sightsee here. At the moment the Bangkok metropolitan area is home to fourteen million people. It's a major force finance and business in this part of the world yet remains as exotic and lively as ever. It's still Tet to the Chinese residents of Bangkok and from the red lanterned roadways to the gatherings outside the street food and produce stalls, the holiday atmosphere is evident. The tuk tuks are loaded with produce. And  in the flower markets  heaps of jasmine, marigolds, roses and orchids are being turned into wreaths for temples and ...(Read Full Article)