Want your Constitution back? Start here.

"While liberals pursue their impossible dream of eliminating murder weapons, we should be setting about the very practical, effectual, and constitutional task of eliminating murderers."  So I wrote in AT on Monday.  And every day's news reinforces the urgency of that task.   Unlike the left's new favorite cop-killer Christopher Dorner -- sorry, Mumia! -- the vast majority of murderers are not so irrational as to have lost their instinct for self-preservation.  They seek to avoid detection, capture, and prosecution, and, if convicted, they use every means society places at their disposal to avoid execution.  The swift and certain enforcement of capital punishment could reach these people.  As for the suicidal maniacs who slaughter their victims and then themselves, it's not unreasonable to suppose that they too have been tempted and inspired by an atmosphere of rampant violence and impunity.   From Dorner to George Hennard in Luby's Cafeteria to Adam...(Read Full Article)