Today's Gender Chutzpah

An apocryphal quote that never loses its relevance is: "the definition of chutzpah is killing your parents and then begging the jury for mercy because you are an orphan." An act of chutzpah can be something courageous and shrewd, like Abraham Lincoln turning wartime constitutional confusion into a means of passing the Thirteenth Amendment -- see Spielberg's biopic, if you can stay awake and concentrate on it for the full marathon.  This is the kind of chutzpah I like and consciously seek to embody.  For instance, I consider it a bit of chutzpah on my part that I went from living a gay lifestyle to marrying a woman, and instead of cowering in shadows and fearing the Gay Identity Gestapo (or GIG), I have chosen to wear the label "bisexual" proudly and shamelessly expose the ideology of the LGBT movement for all its nutty eugenics. There are other forms of chutzpah that seem to be blossoming on the liberal side of the dial these days, largely dealing with gender.  If...(Read Full Article)