The Welfare State and Manhood

There is no question that the recent decision of the Obama administration to admit women to military combat units represents the crowning achievement of the feminist agenda.  By elevating women to the same level as men throughout our defense forces, a fully coed military, just like a college dormitory, has become the law of the land.  To exultant feminists, the glass ceiling in the military has at last been removed. But to the statists or to big-government ideologues and their supporters, the motivation behind the admission of women into combat is the reverse of the feminist's motivation, because the statist knows that for the social welfare state to succeed, it is a question not of women being elevated, but of men being degraded.  To the statist, the fundamental purpose of employing women in military combat is to destroy the unique virtues that define manhood Andreios, the ancient Greek word for "the courageous man," and the Latin word virtus, meaning...(Read Full Article)