NBC News Covers For Muslims' Vicious Destruction of Non-Islamic Artifacts

The mainstream media continues to align itself with the jihad force. NBC News finally decides to address the Islamic destruction of ancient documents in Timbuktu, but instead of dealing honestly with this problem of Islamic contempt for the artifacts of other religions, it dares to assign this vicious, anti-human destruction to other religions. Ian Johnston, a Staff Writer for NBC News, writes this about the recent destruction of archaeologically important sites in Mali: "To many in the West, such actions are simply wanton vandalism. However, experts say the thinking behind it is actually part of a wider tradition of rooting out idol-worship and superstition found in Christianity and Judaism as well as Islam." (Emphasis added.) How dare they? Jews are not destroying religious symbols, idols, churches, or mosques, ever. And Christians do no such thing, either. But Muslims have been on a jihad to destroy the religious artifacts that non-Muslim believers hold precious. Only Muslims...(Read Full Article)