Lance and Barack: the Content of their Characters

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character"
-- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

t is sad to say that nearly 50 years after his moving speech in our nation's capital, the day Dr. Martin Luther King dreamed for his children has not yet arrived in our nation. In fact, we are probably further from his dream today then we were on the day he gave the speech. It is ironic to me that Obama's second inauguration occurred on the anniversary of Dr. King's birthday. Obama was elected, then reelected, as President of the United States. Was that judgment based on the color of his skin or the content of his character?

A college student in the South in the 60's, I had an opportunity to hear Dr. King give a speech at my university. Dr. King spoke at our symposium on civil rights in America after a speech by Stokely Carmichael. As a student attending a school in the South for the first time, I had no preconceived ideas about Dr. King (or Stokely) prior to hearing their two speeches. The South, particularly the deep South, was new to me. Stokely gave a totally forgettable speech. After his speech, Stokely went into the downtown area and started a riot, keeping the police and fire departments occupied for 24 hours. Dr. King's speech was impassioned. It was also insightful, brilliantly conceived, forcefully given, and utterly persuasive. So persuasive, in fact, that a friend and classmate told me immediately after Dr. King's speech that he would vote for Dr. King to be President of the United States. Strong words from a young white man born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. After his speech, Dr. Martin Luther King enjoyed coffee/tea with the faculty and students. In my 66 years, Dr. King was one of the two or three most impressive people I have had a chance to hear speak. He was one of a kind, and totally unforgettable, a magnificent orator. I would have paid money to hear him speak on any topic at any time.

One of the points Dr. King makes in his "I have a dream" speech at our nation's capital is that the content of one's character and the color of one's skin are separable. Any discussion about character is independent from a discussion of a person's skin color. Dr. King would undoubtedly argue that not only can they be discussed separately, they must be discussed separately.

In trying to discern the content of Obama's character, many people start with the stories told in the book Dreams from My Father. This book purports to have been written by Obama, and is assumed to be a non-fiction autobiographical work. As a hypothetical question, if it were to be proved with mathematical certainty, even metaphysical certitude, that it is impossible for Obama to be the author of this book, would that not provide significant insight into some of the enormous character flaws in Obama?

Several years ago I proved just that. Analyzing quantitative data contained in Deconstructing Obama by Jack Cashill comparing William Ayers' Fugitive Days with Dreams of My Father using a well-known theorem in probability I proved that the same author wrote both books with mathematical certainty. My results were published in American Thinker. The analysis was carried out to many, many significant digits, but mathematical certainty probably comes at between seven to fourteen digits. A probability of .9999999999 is more than adequate to show mathematical certainty in almost all cases, and certainly in the case of authorship of Dreams.

In actuality, the analysis showed .999. . . with at least fifty 9s after the decimal point as the probability that Dreams was written by the anti-American terrorist William Ayers. The only assumption that must be made in the analysis is the assumption that Ayers is the one true author of Fugitive Days and not Obama. This is an easily proved assumption because as Jack Cashill shows in Deconstructing Obama, the very few examples of Obama's writing that can be verified as truly his are written at a 6th or 7th grade level, and Fugitive Days is written at a professional level of writing. In effect, Obama is semi-literate in the written word, and that is Jack Cashill's point in Deconstructing Obama. How could a semi-literate Obama pen an extremely well written book such as Dreams from My Father?

What does it say about the content of Obama's character that he claims authorship of the book Dreams when he knows he is not the author? Collects the royalties from the book, based entirely on the work of another man, as his own? Declares the fairy tales told in the book as the true history of his life when much of it came from the imagination of a violent anti-American terrorist?

What does it say about the content of a man's character that he will not permit anyone, particularly the people of the United States whom he has asked to elect him as their president two times, see the transcripts of his grades in high school, any of the numerous colleges he has attended, or the law school he attended? Do any of us applying for a job keep our transcripts secret from the company at which we are applying? This is nonsense. All of us are proud of our academic accomplishments to one degree or another. Clearly there is much in his transcripts for Obama to fear. Certainly they tell a different story than the fairy tale told in Dreams by William Ayers about Obama's life. How was Obama able to attend expensive private schools in Hawaii, California, New York, and Boston, and how did he performed academically?

What does it say about the content of a man's character that he will not permit citizens of the US to see his real birth certificate? Obama's true birth certificate is under lock and key in Hawaii. Fort Knox should be so well guarded. The birth certificate that Obama has put out for our review is easily shown to be a forgery. Again, one can only assume that what is contained in the true birth certificate does not agree with the fairy tale story told in Dreams. This is nonsense. All of us have copies of our real certificates, and provide them when ever asked-even to Blockbuster to rent a movie. We are all proud of our true ancestry, to one degree or another.But not Obama.

Based on the information in Dreams, Obama has a half brother in Kenya who is destitute, lives in a hovel, and has asked for financial help from Obama to no avail. What does it say about the content of Obama's character that he would deny his alleged half-brother financial aid when asked? Or could it be that Obama knows his half brother is a brother in name only, that they share no DNA because they had different fathers?

Obama is living a lie. Nothing in Dreams should be believed without independent confirmation. It must take a psychic toll on Obama to wake up every day knowing that nearly everything he has said about himself is a lie. Perhaps that is why he surrounds himself with strong minded women for day to day decision making (Valerie Jarrett, Michele), and never gives a speech without someone else penning the words for him to read.

Obama is similar to Lance Armstrong. Lance achieved unheard of success in the Tour de France. At the time, he denied any use of performance-enhancing drugs. That turned out to be a lie. His success was based primarily on the use of drugs, blood transfusions, and other illegal techniques. Lance admits now that he could not have won the Tour without performance-enhancing drugs. Both Lance and Obama based their meteoric success on lies. For Obama it was Dreams; for Lance it was drugs. Lance's days in the sun are over. Most Americans and most Europeans are disgusted. And yet, Lance is on the bumpy road to "redemption" in at least admitting the lie that was his life in competitive cycling. It is highly unlikely that Obama will ever admit the lie that is his life story. In assessing the content of their characters, both Obama and Lance come up as seriously flawed. And yet Obama's star continues to rise, while Lance's has collapsed, never to attain the level achieved prior to the doping story hitting the newswires.

Obama's success is not based on the content of his character. I truly believe Dr. King would be very disappointed that our first black president is so devoid of redeeming character content. It would take something unimaginably positive, such as winning a Nobel prize, for example, to balance out the negatives. Wait a minute, Obama did win a Nobel! And the world is still wondering why.