Ken Cuccinelli's Liberty and Justice for All

Review of The Last Line of Defense: The New Fight for American Liberty by Ken Cuccinelli Ronald Reagan delivered a speech at the 1964 Republican convention that launched his political career and distinguished him as the conservative leader of his generation.  That speech articulated conservatism as the positive encapsulation and embodiment of preserving freedom for all Americans.  It is still referred to as "the speech." Virginia Attorney General and candidate for governor Ken Cuccinelli has written "the book" that not only is the vision of conservative principles for 2013 and beyond, it is what conservatism is and always should have been about.  It is a masterpiece about the fight between liberty and all-engulfing big government with an insatiable appetite for power over everything in our lives. "The book" is a deeply insightful articulation of the real basis for why America is great - not perfect - just greater than any other nation ever established.  American...(Read Full Article)