Doomed Again to Repeat the Past?

In Townhall Magazine's February 2013 "Closing Argument" section, S.E. Cupp provides Republicans with what she considers some sound and timely advice on the subject of how not to lose future presidential elections.  Republicans, always in need of counsel and a quantum of solace after each new electoral or legislative defeat, might see in this a welcome and needed tonic. Conservatives, however (many of whom happen to be Republicans), are now locked in a two-front political conflict.  One front deals with the left and its main institutional representative, the Democratic party.  The other comprises conservatives' own party, which has become a "centrist" party of Machiavellian political self-interest that tends many times to the left in practice if not in ideology.  Faced with an indigenous, ideologically committed progressive/socialist party on one hand and a Republican Party of philosophically shallow, Plasticine managerial elitists on the other who confront...(Read Full Article)