Dangerous Times: Islamic fascism exploits Euro crisis

Silvio Berlusconi is one of the richest men in Italy, and he is not a fascist. So why is he saying nice things about Mussolini? 

Because Berlusconi is watching Beppe Grillo, the comedian and fascist-talker, coming up fast in the election campaign, coming up just two weeks from now. 

Vicious race baiting is selling like hotcakes to Italian voters. Mussolini is being resurrected from a bloody grave. Even worse, ancient ethnic hatreds are being whipped up in Hungary, Romania, Albania, and of course North Africa and the Middle East, where Muslim demagogues routinely accuse each other of being secret Jews. 

All this hatred seems to be funded by Iran, Saudi Arabia and neo-Ottoman Turkey, which has bought up the mass media in countries like Albania.

 For decades Muslim oil money has bought politicians in Europe and the UN, and now it's buying up a big chunk of the Euro web. Muslim madrassahs are being built to brainwash children, and Saudi imams are the new missionaries to the infidels in Europe. 

As we pointed out last week, in Italy, Beppe Grillo hates the Jews (natch), the Gypsies, the Albanians, the Illuminati, the Masons, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, GMO foods (which will poison you), anti-cancer drugs (ditto), and nanoparticles (ditto, ditto). 

Grillo suddenly got very rich after marrying an Iranian woman. Everything he knows about the Middle East, he says, he learned from his father-in-law in Tehran. According to a Pentagon leak last week, the mullahs are running 30,000 spies, who are up to no good in Europe while going through the biggest economic crisis since World War 2. 

We know exactly what caused the crisis: The European Union and its unelected political elite. 

            Like the old Soviet Union, the EU is being run off a cliff, by a mind-locked political elite, driven by visions of European imperial glory. If you believe their mass propaganda campaigns the EU is the model for peace on earth forever and ever. The EU convinced the poorer half of Europe to adopt the euro, which was priced way out of their range. Suddenly Greek exports were impossible to sell. When Greek wine and olives were sold in drachmas the currency could float against the German mark. The Greeks could price their goods to sell abroad and support the economy. It was the rigid, one-size-fits-all euro that killed the Greek economy. In spite of all the welfare subsidies from the EU. Because, as Maggie Thatcher told the world, "Eventually you run out of other people's money." 

In the poorer countries nobody dares to blame the EU, because its taxpayers are supporting their welfare payments. Europe needs a scapegoat. Middle class Italians are therefore talking racial hatred in private.

            In Greece, the Golden Dawn Party is staging street fights.   Immigrants are called "cockroaches," and food aid is now given only to Greeks, and not to legal immigrants. Der Spiegel, the German news magazine, is reporting a revival of Hungarian fascism. 

It's witch hunting time again. Any witch will do, but the dark old paranoid fears are being whipped up, probably by Islamic fascists and their oil-fueled agents. And just like the United States, the radical left makes common cause with Islamic fascism. 

There is hope, but not if the United States and the decent parts of Europe sit on the sidelines. For sixty years the US has defended Europe from its biggest enemies, Hitler and Stalin. Today we are not even allowed to mention Islamist totalitarianism, which threatens the West just as it has since the early Middle Ages. 

The first need is to speak the truth. The real "Islamophobia" is the fear of telling the truth about Islam. Without the truth, the West is helpless. 

The second need is to break the OPEC monopoly, which has poisoned politics in Europe and the United States. New shale discoveries are undermining the monopoly power of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the Gulf States, not to mention genuine freaks like Hugo Chavez. Energy independence around the world will break the toxic power of OPEC. Middle East Oil money finds its way to green groups and movie makers hostile to fracking.

A third crucial need is to finally reject socialist ideology that controls the Western media and education, and therefore our voters and politics. We need a massive truth-telling campaign about the endless failures of "something for nothing" fantasies. That's the hardest part, but it is vitally important. 

Civilized peoples need to recapture the initiative. Socialism, fascism, Islamism --  all are failed ideologies. They bring disaster in their wake. The Euro crisis is yet another example of massive failure by the same, tired old fantasy world. 

Things looked bad when Churchill was warning about Hitler. They looked bad at the start of the Cold War. They look back today. 

We have to reach deep inside to find the emotional and spiritual resources to resist the worst tendencies in human nature. It is hard, but Western culture has done it three times in the last century. 

The web is a great medium, and civilized peoples must use the web as well as the radicals of all stripes, today's barbarians. They are wrong and we are right, and we have the facts to prove it.  

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