Whether by Gun or Abortion, Murder Is Murder - Period

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) plans to introduce (or has already introduced) gun-control legislation in the 113th Congress, ostensibly to protect the lives of children, and to curb mass murders, like the one that occurred in Newtown, CT.  At the same time, Feinstein is very pro-choice and supports taxpayer funding for abortions.  She opposes bans on partial-birth abortion.  She has spoken about the constitutional right to an abortion and, in 2003, on the Senate floor, spoke in support of Roe v Wade.  She, in 2005, opposed the Unborn Victims of Violence Act. The above paragraph alone demonstrates Senator Feinstein's hypocrisy when it comes to protecting the lives of children.  But let's go farther.  Feinstein has, in her public life, said that she is Jewish.  Then Feinstein said, before running for the Senate, that she is not Jewish.  So it seems that Feinstein's religion could best be described as feminism or liberalism.  In the words of...(Read Full Article)