What You Could Buy with the Average Tax Increase

What's $1,635 per year more in taxes for tens of millions of households?  That's just $136.25 taken from a family budget per month.  Like prudent mobsters, President Obama and Speaker Boehner are just skimming a little from your earnings to keep the nation from falling off that awful fiscal cliff.  As patriots, on the order of 1984, we should all rejoice that Big Brother knows best. 

Let's see what a paltry $1,635 buys annually, shall we?  And, dear reader, feel free to add to the list.  How about a...

  • 1. Whirlpool 26.4 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator Stainless Steel. On sale at Sears for $1,348.99;
  • 2. Sony - 46" Class (46" Diag.) - LED - 1080p - 240 Hz - Smart - 3D - HDTV. At Best Buy: $1,599.98;
  • 3. GE Profile Harmony 4.5 cu. ft. Top Load Washer in White. At Home Depot: $1,079.10. Add a GE 6.8 cu. ft. Electric Dryer in White. Home Depot priced: $430.20. Grand total: $1,509.30;
  • 4. Samsung 24" Dishwasher (Energy Star® compliant). Samsung's price: $949.00;
  • 5. Dell Ships Fast Latitude E6430 laptop computer. Dell's price: $1,399.00

And $136.25 monthly?  What does that buy or help offset?

How about groceries?  Read this from Daily Finance (and weep):

The Department of Agriculture Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion estimates a moderate weekly grocery bill for a family of four with school-age children at roughly $236.60, which translates into an annual family budget of approximately $12,300 for food consumed at home.

Assuming the anticipated 5% increase in food prices next year, a family of four is looking at an additional $615 on their annual grocery bill in 2013.

How about basic household gas and electric costs? 

The average varies by state.  But in 2011, the average monthly outlay for gas and electric power in blue state Michigan was $199.  In blue state New York: $184.  And in bluish Pennsylvania: $187.  That's $2,388 annually in the Wolverine State; $2,208 in the Empire State; and $2,244 in the Keystone State.  Of course, those costs all increased in 2012 and may well do so again in 2013. 

How about gas pump costs?  As USA Today reported last November:

Gas prices have pinched consumer wallets already this year [2012], and now they face tax increases and government spending cuts in 2013 unless Congress and President Obama can forge a deal to avoid the "fiscal cliff" before year-end.

[Gas prices] are down from a high of $3.93 a gallon in April. Thursday's national average of $3.41 a gallon is 11 cents more than it was a year ago on the same date, according to the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report.

USA Today got it half right: consumers got the tax shaft without significant federal spending cuts (cuts that the libs at America's short-read, hotel-motel giveaway newspaper-of-record clearly object to).

You say: "Well, comrade, we must all sacrifice a little for the benefit of the great American collective.  So you buy a cheaper frig or fix the one you've got.  You take the bus and leave that gas-guzzling car in the garage.  You eat a little less, just like they did in the Ukraine back in the 30s.  Comrade Stalin, far-sighted as always, knew something about weight-loss programs, eh?  You wear a couple of sweaters more around the house in the winters.  Cozy - no?" 

The Obama-Boehner tax hikes have consequences - to manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers... to their employees... to their suppliers.  Consumers and families are stuck stretching budgets to meet monthly needs. 

"Bah!  It's only the rich - those capitalist-roaders - who will pay this trifling increase in taxes."

No, no, Comrade Equality & Compassion.  Every American not on the dole will pay for the Obama-Boehner tax hikes - one way or the other.

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