The UN Cop for Israel

Richard Falk is a one-off type. No other cop in the world polices a whole nation -- even one no bigger than Israel -- or is duty-bound to bring the nation to book, and blow the whistle before he even sets off on his policeman rounds. And what other cop is a foreign appointee, beholden to people looking out to slap a criminal image on one scapegoat nation? That's Richard Falk, the American UN policeman for Israel. A Princeton law professor, with facial features that Hitler and Goebbels liked to plaster around the Third Reich to orchestrate the oldest of hatreds, and unabashedly hostile to all things Jewish, Falk was lately removed from the board of Human Rights Watch, the global NGO. That step was a long time coming. Falk is not your policeman's policeman. He has a record. There was the cartoon he posted of a Jew in the guise of a slavering dog; a cozy partisanship for the Hamas terrorist group of Gaza; the oddball book he recommended, titled The Wandering Who? and more wayward...(Read Full Article)