The Payroll Tax Holiday Needed to End

The payroll tax holiday is over. Americans are finding their paychecks a bit smaller in 2013, thanks to a two percent hike in payroll taxes. And Americans of all stripes are angry. Jeffrey Curl of the Washington Times acerbically reports instances of anger and frustration among Barack Obama's "sycophantic supporters." "Democrats that supported the president's re-election just had NO idea that [Obama's] steadfast pledge to raise taxes meant he was really going to raise taxes," Curl sardonically writes. Becket Adams of the Blaze laments that this "tax hike" brings some certainties. "Everyone's taxes are going up," he writes, and "the increase has done away with an entire year's worth of wage gains." Yes, it's politically convenient to suggest that this is a grand "I told you so" moment for conservatives. But by making this argument, conservatives offer the implication that ending the payroll tax holiday is a bad idea for the American people. And taking this position only evidences an...(Read Full Article)