The Liberal War on Children

It seems rather bizarre that President Obama, who has voted against requiring medical care for babies born as the result of failed abortions, surrounded himself with children while trying to nullify the Second Amendment to "protect children." Liberals use the children as an emotional rationale for all of their political crusades.  Because liberalism can't be defended based on either logic or phenomenological data, liberals have to always keep people from thinking about liberal objectives, and the best way to do that is to emotionalize any issue by bringing in children. Liberals have even argued that abortion is good for children.  When liberals were trying to legalize abortion, they argued that abortion would end child abuse because every child would be a wanted child.  They no longer use that argument much, since child abuse has skyrocketed since abortion was legalized (no surprise -- if you can kill your daughter up to the moment of birth, why can't you punch her when...(Read Full Article)