School Shootings Solution: Not Gun Control or Guard Patrol, but Door Control

In the wake of tragic Sandy Hook, many Americans are desperate to prevent further school shootings.  Thus do we find ourselves debating two very divisive ideas: gun control and armed guards in schools.  But there is another idea, one both simple and acceptable to virtually all: lockable, bulletproof doors for classrooms and school entrances. This is a commonsense suggestion that has precedent.  After 9/11, we had similar debates to those raging now.  Today we're divided over the idea of arming some teachers; back then there was rancor over the idea of arming pilots.  Of course, we did finally appoint air marshals, the equivalent of armed guards in schools.  Yet no one had to debate what was universally self-evident: the need to reinforce cockpit doors. The cockpit door was a weak link that the 9/11 hijackers exploited to gain easy access to the pilots and airplane controls.  Likewise, Sandy Hook Elementary's doors were a weak link; they were...(Read Full Article)