New York Times Declares Victory in Feminism's War on Love and Romance

The New York Times, the cultural beacon for the left's war on American values, has declared that the "date" is dead.

Dinner at a romantic new bistro? Forget it. Women in their 20s these days are lucky to get a last-minute text to tag along........."I don't like to take girls out. I like to have them join in on what I'm doing - going to an event, a concert."

What did they expect?  Why should men date? Why would they make any effort at all? The feminists turned all women into unpaid whores because it's so, ya know, cool and liberating. Yeah, being a piece of meat is fabtastic.

I am so glad I am not a young woman in America in 2013. If you are not a slut, any real social life is tough. Men expect serious and strange sex immediately. If you are one of the few, brave women who believe that sex without love is a meaningless, soul-robbing experience, you are mighty lonely.

And I do not blame men. Men's behavior is a merely a reflection of society's expectations and the culture. Men are what women demand that they be. And today there are no expectations. The Oxygen Network is premiering a television show about Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo and his 11 children with 10 different women, "All My Babies' Mamas." It joins "Teen Mom," "Weeds" (a suburban mom who doubles as a drug pusher), "Game of Thrones" (an HBO mini series that features anal rape beheadings, grotesque violence and all women as whores - a 15 year old boy's wet dream), "Californication," and the degrading HBO series, "Girls," a post Sex and the City reality based series starring daughters of the lucky sperm and egg club (well known Hollywood limo liberals). It stars, among others, the daughter of "NBC Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams, Allison Williams; and Zosia Mamet, daughter of the playwright and director David Mamet. "Girls" creator Lena Dunham "is definitely not stressed about getting naked."

Lena Dunham's character Hannah's boyfriend treats her mostly like an object and an inconvenience. During one sex scene, he tells her to play "the quiet game" and taunts her, refusing to say if he's wearing a condom. In another episode, a character is treated to some very aggressive degrading talk. In a New York Times article, "the Bleaker Sex," Frank Bruni laments, "You watch these scenes and other examples of the zeitgeist-y, early-20s heroines of 'Girls' engaging in, recoiling from, mulling and mourning sex, and you think: Gloria Steinem went to the barricades for this?"

The New York Times paints this ugly picture:

For evidence, look no further than "Girls," HBO's cultural weather vane for urban 20-somethings, where none of the main characters paired off in a manner that might count as courtship even a decade ago. In Sunday's opener for Season 2, Hannah (Lena Dunham) and Adam (Adam Driver), who last season forged a relationship by texting each other nude photos, are shown lying in bed, debating whether being each other's "main hang" constitutes actual dating.

The actors in the show seem to fare no better in real life, judging by a monologue by Zosia Mamet (who plays Shoshanna, the show's token virgin, since deflowered) at a benefit last fall at Joe's Pub in the East Village. Bemoaning an anything-goes dating culture, Ms. Mamet, 24, recalled an encounter with a boyfriend whose idea of a date was lounging in a hotel room while he "Lewis and Clarked" her body, then tried to stick her father, the playwright David Mamet, with the bill, according to a Huffington Post report.

The problem is that "Girls" is an accurate depiction of what it's like to be a young woman today. Ask any young woman. What a horrible future the feminists have fixed for our girls. Could a concerted misogynist movement have done a better job of destroying the potential for happiness?

Dunham says of all the "bad sex" going on:

"Well, the bad sex in Sex and the City was sort of like, "It was so bad he left his socks on." Our sex is like "It was really bad because we're not emotionally connected and he doesn't want to be here and I'm scared and alone."  There are people, obviously, making ridiculous, fumbling sexual moves but the badness is sort of coming more from just a place of being unformed people trying to connect rather than like someone committing a specific sexual faux pas, if that distinction makes sense."

I'm interested in hearing, "I f*****d this guy and it was a disaster," because that's what's funny to me. 

What a sad commentary for young women in America. And yet the Foreign Press Association gave Dunham and the "Girls" series two Golden Globes for this unhappy, empty trash.

Readers of my website,, know Lena Dunham as the Obama celebrity who did a TV ad discussing how having sex for the first time and voting for Barack Obama for president are the same thing and "how young women don't want to be accused of either being virgins or of having passed up on their chance to cast their votes for Obama."

It's overwhelming depressing these poisonous fruits of "women's liberation." The epidemic of single motherhood, the breakdown of the American family, the street vernacular of "bitches and hos," the emasculation of men, the bone-crushing responsibility of one woman being mother, father, breadwinner, chief cook and bottle washer we owe to the feminists.

The destroyers have been at war against American values for forty years, and they have succeeded. Women have been diminished and dehumanized, all under the guise of "liberation" and "feminism." The art of propaganda.

The family is the basic building block of any successful society. Children born out of wedlock are more likely to struggle in school or suffer emotional and behavioral problems. Yet today, over fifty percent of births in this country to women under thirty are outside marriage. And an astronomical forty percent of women are not married when they have children. The Daily Mail reported last year that "the data shows the fastest growth in the past 20 years is among white women in their 20s with some college education but no four-year degree. And with two-thirds of children in the U.S. born to mothers under the age of 30, it appears the majority of births across the country are out of wedlock."

In the documentary, Oral Sex Is the New Goodnight Kiss, Sharlene Azam, a Canadian filmmaker, says, "If you talk to teens [about oral sex], they'll tell you it's not a big deal. In fact, they don't consider it sex. They don't consider a lot of things sex." In the documentary, teenage girls talk casually about their sexual experiences and even their forays into prostitution. One girl sums up the new attitudes: "Five minutes and I got $100. If I'm going to sleep with them anyway because they're good-looking, might as well get paid for it, right?"

This is how the phony feminist movement empowered women. More like enslaved women. Those men-hating parasites have ruined the glorious exaltation of women in 20th-century America. I know. I grew up in it. All one has to do is watch movies from the twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, and sixties (before the left's culture rout) to catch a glimpse of the status of women and see the seismic change in the dynamic between women and men. In those films, women were treated with respect and equality. We were then formidable, respected, treasured, and above all...revered. It was as good as it gets. Relationships had depth and were serious stuff. Look at today's films. There is no dynamic between the sexes. It's two people playing with sex toys.

The Femarxist movement uses "equalization" as a means of empowering castration by the female at the top while emasculating males at the bottom.

But this is no surprise, of course. A breakdown of sexual mores and a flouting of convention is part and parcel of the agenda in every society to which socialism has come.

Pamela Geller is the publisher of and the author of the WND Books title "Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance."

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