How Congressional Republicans Can Win the First Battle in the Spending War

What does one do when confronted with the mandatory task of negotiating a deal with someone who is demonstrably dishonest, driven solely by ego and only interested in embarrassing you?   You don't negotiate with them. You place your best offer offer on the table and walk away leaving the decision to accept or refuse in the hands of your adversary.   The Republicans in the House are now in that circumstance regarding raising the debt ceiling.   The ceiling must be raised at some point but not without extracting a price in the form of lower spending.    While unsustainable entitlement spending is the key driver of placing the nation in bankruptcy, it is an unfortunate fact that these programs cannot be modified for the long-term without the cooperation of both houses of Congress and the White House.   There is absolutely no interest on the part of the Democrats in the Senate or Obama, in being serious about any meaningful...(Read Full Article)