Stickin' It to The Man

A few years ago, a commercial for a mobile phone carrier featured an executive who triumphantly declared that by taking advantage of a new calling plan, he was "sticking it to The Man." The assistant standing next to the boss, after listening to the spiel, hesitantly replied: "But -- you are The Man." "The Man" answered, quizzically, "Maybe."

Today, in real life, some form of the condition, "Stick-it-to-The-Man-e-osis," seems to infect much of the nation.

In the last election, Obama and the Democrat-media complex successfully portrayed "The Man" as Romney, the rich, Republicans -- anyone perceived to be standing in the way of (or already having) whatever it was that Obama-supporters wanted. Giving speeches on "fairness" and writing prescriptions on fairness cards, Obama passed out pins for his followers to use to stick it to The Man. Depending on the susceptibility to Stick-it-to-The-Man-e-osis exhibited by the community he was segmenting and organizing, Obama tailored specific pins, labeled with "you didn't build that," "tax the rich," "punish your enemies," and "vote for revenge."

Obama fans stuck in those pins alright. Sixty-four million of them. But most have yet to realize that when they "stuck it to The Man" by voting for Obama, they were, in reality, sticking it to themselves.

Obviously, most won't admit or recognize that they're afflicted with Stick-it-to-The-Man-e-osis. In their feverish state, many Obama-supporters believe that they won a "mandate" to Obama-money, whether it grows on trees or piles up in bottomless stashes of The Man. But some have woken up from their delirium to find, instead of gas in their car's tanks and paid-off mortgages, pink slips in their mailboxes or reduced working hours. Others will find that they will probably not be able to keep either their doctor or their insurance, and that a very powerful Man -- Uncle Sam -- has invited himself into the examining room.

Many conservative writers have observed the irony that the stick-it disease produces in other segments of Obama-supporters in headlines such as this one: "Unions tearing down tents... and themselves." Columnist Caroline Glick recently noted that "Israel's supporters seem to have never gotten the memo. So here it is: Obama wants to fundamentally transform the U,S, relationship with Israel... As he sees it, to paraphrase Jim Baker, "F#&k the Jews, they voted for us anyway." In the Washington Times, Jeffrey Kuhner addressed the ugliness of racial-identity politics and their potential repercussion. He concluded: "Black racialism could fuel the rise of an angry white nationalism. That would be very bad for Americans -- white and black."

Many of the groups that supported Obama, whatever their reasoning, are beginning to realize that their strategy is indeed backfiring. All while Obama continues to agitate those afflicted with Stick-it-to-The-Man-e-osis with his divisive rhetoric that pours salt on the wounds the contagion opens or inflicts.

In the meantime, Obama-supporters have been so busy pushing "forward" and "sticking it to The Man" they have no idea that they've reached a very real edge of an economic precipice. Whether they'll see past the hazy target of "The Man" painted over the abyss by the Democrat-media complex, or actually look down past their toes and see the trillion-dollar darkness below, depends on how severe the case they've contracted.

The Democrat-media complex, besides being the main carrier of the stick-it syndrome, is itself afflicted with a peculiar strain that blinds them to their own hypocrisy and exploitation. In a recent exchange on Fox News, Sarah Palin noted Jay Carney's condescending treatment of reporters, and Greta Van Susteren the fact that the media not only puts up with it but also wears kid gloves so they can retain their "insider access to the administration." An "insider access," as Palin remarked, to nothing more than "lies" and "murky answers." Even liberal columnist Dana Milbank, in a moment of clear thinking, recognized "the open-and-shut" nature of this non-transparent administration.

So far, the Tea Party seems to have a natural immunity, but a few conservatives are beginning to wonder if some of the Republican establishment are susceptible to a form of the sickness. Instead of sticking it to The Man, this strain, "Stick-it-to-Our-Own-e-osis," causes the afflicted to either attack fellow GOP-ers or shoot themselves directly in the feet.

Some recent examples:

A Daily Caller article noted that "grassroots conservatives are up in arms over the fact that some conservative Members were 'purged' from committee assignments. Now, it seems Republican leadership is aiming to make matters even worse." Apparently, a member of the "Republican Steering Committee that made the decision to remove the lawmakers" insists the members were purged because of an "a**hole factor."

And let's not forget how the RNC refused to support Senate candidate Todd Akin in Missouri. Akin's unfortunate "gaffe" on rape and abortion drew not only "extremist pin-down" pins from the Democrat-media complex -- but crowbars from many socially liberal and prominent Republicans, who appeared more than happy to assist the complex in furthering the fracture of the GOP from its socially conservative members, even though such a stance assured the loss of a Senate seat.

Writing in the National Review, Jonah Goldberg wondered why Asian-Americans, who seem more in tune with conservative values than liberal, voted Democrat. In his article, titled "The GOP: Not a Club for Christians," Goldberg seemed to conclude that the GOP's "problem" was its "pronounced embrace of Christianity." However, Goldberg, as he aimed his pins at the Christian-praying-out-loud-to-Jesus "Man," failed to see the monstrosity of "The Man" behind the curtain targeting Goldberg's entire party with pin-bombs 24/7 -- the Democrat-media complex. The complex that constantly portrays Republicans and Christians as racist, intolerant, and sexist -- pushing the line to these ethnic groups that to "belong" in America, one must be a member of the "mainstream" -- the popular in-crowd of the Democrats.

So here we sit in gridlock, pins and pricks and days away from plunging headlong down a fiscal cliff, watching a curious dance of sorts: Obama still in campaign-mode, passing out pins; Democrats sticking pins in the "evil rich" and Republicans; unions brandishing real pins (their fists); Tea Party and other right-wing and religious conservatives dodging the pins fired by establishment politicians and pundits, who at the same time are hopping around trying to avoid the ones that ricochet back at their own feet, all while the Democrat-media complex cheers it on and fires its own barrages against any Man (real or straw) who stands in the way as they urge the mob "forward."

Our nation's leading men are poised at the edge of the cliff in a stand-off, with Obama asserting that he "met [Republicans] more than half way" across the dance floor of compromise, but then suggesting that they refuse to accept his offer because they want to stick it to him. Republicans insist they want to stick it to "spending." American Thinker's Rick Moran noted, "Republicans may have a hard time getting to "yes" with Obama but the president can't resist saying "no" in order to stick it to his political adversaries. He's not just maneuvering for a deal. He is maneuvering so that blame for failure sticks to the GOP."

Although those scenes may sound somewhat amusing, the harm caused by the stick-it disease to our nation's reputation and economy paints a very real and troubling picture of an ailing America on its knees -- one that our enemies are sure to notice.

Is there a remedy for Stick-it-to-The-Man-e-osis? Or, perhaps, a real "Man" that really does deserve some sticking?

In a speech about a year ago, Sarah Palin observed that both parties have contributed to the creation of the "permanent political class" and "crony corporate capitalism." She said, "This is not the capitalism of free men and free markets, of innovation and hard work and ethics, of sacrifice and of risk... It's the collusion of big government and big business and big finance to the detriment of all the rest -- to the little guys."

This is "The Man" that all Americans should be sticking it to -- big government, the corrupt political class and their redistribution schemes, bureaucracies, and cronies -- aided and abetted by the mainstream media. Pins stuck by "the little guys" to that Man would help bring back individual freedom and liberty and a thriving economy.

America has the potential to recover from what ails us -- led by a party that recognizes the real "Man" and defines a winning plan to stick it to him and bring him down.

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