From Al-Masara to the Wall Street Journal: A Case Report of Palestinian Fauxtography

Like all supporters of Israel, I am acutely aware of the mainstream media's all-pervading anti-Israel bias.  I learned long ago that news reports which fairly present Israel's version of the conflict are as rare as July snowflakes in Houston.  A recent experience of mine only reinforced these beliefs. While leisurely perusing a recent edition of the Wall Street Journal, I came across an article entitled "Israel Pushes Housing After U.N. Vote."  I was immediately struck by a curious photograph within the piece and its caption: "A Palestinian girl tries to push an Israeli soldier at a demonstration in the West Bank village of al-Masara, near Bethlehem, on Friday." At first glance, the photo did indeed reveal a young girl facing an Israeli soldier who, along with several comrades, was holding up his riot shield.  On closer examination, however, several things about the photo were suspect.  The girl, whose arms were fully outstretched, with fingertips just...(Read Full Article)