Ending the Spiraling Out-of-Wedlock Childbirth Rate: A Unique Opportunity for Republicans

There are times in a nation's history when its leadership's refusal to address an issue out of fear of offending voters explodes into a massive problem.  That refusal has indirectly manifested into the now-out-of-control out-of-wedlock childbirth rate, which recently reached 41% of the population and is directly linked to the problem of government dependency. The Republican Party has, in the last several decades, put up a half-hearted fight to deter non-marital childbearing because it has been afraid of alienating single parents -- especially women.  And the consequences of the GOP's lackluster efforts just became more pronounced than ever.  This past election, Republicans lost the female vote to President Obama by a margin of 44% to 55%.  Within the female electorate, 68% of single women voted for President Obama, while 53% of married women voted for Governor Romney.  Hence, the Republican Party now needs to find a way to reverse this trend -- as well as the...(Read Full Article)