Your Future in Obama World

Here's what I may tell my almost-grown children, when they come home for the holidays. They're bright, in terms of GPA's, but they live in a lib college bubble that fuzzes up the truth about politics and the economy. What's obvious to most of us may be news to them: Guys, It may seem as though nothing has changed, now that Obama and friends have retained control of the government, but that's an illusion. By laws passed and executive orders and regulations already written, by money printed and debt issued, the Powers That Be have already determined our future. You haven't noticed because most of the new policies haven't gone into effect yet, or if they are in effect, there is a lag time until their consequences are felt. Money. When you shop for food or buy gas, you must have noticed prices going up, a dime here, a dime there. Inflation is already happening, thanks to Obama policies: limits on drilling and refusal to permit the Keystone pipeline drive up fuel costs. Shutting down...(Read Full Article)