Who Is Barack Hussein Obama? And What Is He Really Up To?

The Great Wonder The great wonder of contemporary American politics is how Barack Hussein Obama got elected to the office of president in the first place.  How did this unknown politician even wrest the Democratic Party nomination away from Hillary Clinton?  How could Americans have voted for someone with no practical qualifications or experience for the job? After four years of trying to deal with the mysterious stranger in the White House, Americans are wondering why they voted for Obama.  Voter remorse has never been higher, and more than half of our electorate continues to be troubled by serious questions that refuse to go away: Is Barack Obama a natural-born citizen? Is he even eligible to be president? Why is Obama trying to transform America into a socialist state? Why are his programs and policies so destructive? Could this be deliberate? What is Obama really up to? And these central questions only give rise to others.  Why do Obama's words seldom match...(Read Full Article)