We Don't Know Why We Lost Because We Don't Know Who We Are

Theories abound regarding the Republican implosion on November 6th. If you are an avid reader, you no doubt have read the gamut of postulation. We've seen the far right conclude we need to move further right. The Rockefeller wing (yes, it is much smaller, but it's still there) says we need to slide to the left! The mainstream media and the left (if you can separate the two) have pretty much just written us off as irrelevant. To date, I don't think anyone has it quite right, so I now attempt to crack the code. Some of you may not like it. We must send loud, clear, and relevant messages to all Americans (and I mean everyone -- when we say "big tent", we need to mean it) that ours is the logical party for them to support. In particular, we need to proactively reach out to young voters, Jewish-Americans, Americans of Hispanic heritage, women, and our gay and lesbian communities. The message is very simple; our policies will help you prosper, and our politics are the best way to give you...(Read Full Article)