The Future of the Republican Party Is in Federalist Libertarianism

On Election Day, the voters delivered a massive rebuke to the Republican Party in the form of simply not going to vote.  The numbers reveal that the liberal media meme of a demographic shift is a complete fraud.  As the statistics from the election were studied, it turned out that Republican voters simply didn't show up for the election. The most interesting fact about the election comes from talking to the actual disaffected voters on both sides of the proverbial, and mythical, aisle.  Americans, for the most part, cannot be categorized so quickly.  Most don't simply follow along like sheep in the Democrat or Republican party; rather, they pick the party that is closest to their personal views.  The pundits who say the people are so easily categorized are outright insulting the intelligence of every American citizen.  In fact, most Americans detest politicians in general because of their overreach and rampant corruption. So, then, why do people vote...(Read Full Article)