Some Tentative Achievements Israel Scored with Pillar of Defense

There is room for doubt regarding the "ceasefire" that has been announced in Israel's effort to eradicate the Hamas terrorist infrastructure.  Israel may well have been better-served to have continued doing what it was doing, and the depiction of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as peacemakers, while murderers dance in the streets of Gaza, is no cause for joy.  On the other hand, an Israeli ground incursion would have added peril for many of her boys, and we have no right sitting in America to criticize Israel for choosing not to imperil her boys.  Furthermore, the question -- whose honest answer we never will know -- is: "What were Israel's military objectives in this battle?" If the objective was to put Hamas out of business once and for all, then this operation was a failure for Israel.  Likewise, if the goal was to make it impossible for Hamas to continuing to launch rockets into Southern Israel, then this operation would seem to have been pointless.  Hamas...(Read Full Article)