Pilgrims' Gifts

We possess an original first-person account by two pilgrims of their coming to America, their miraculous survival, and the first Thanksgiving.  It is called Mourt's Relation, after its publisher.  Edward Winslow and William Bradford wrote it in 1622 to encourage other Englishman to join them in this "goodly land."  It makes perfect reading for Thanksgiving.  (You can read it online here or here, or buy it here.) Everyone knows that the Pilgrims fled to America for freedom of religion.  What's equally important and largely unknown is this: the Pilgrims came to America to protect a religion that celebrated and, indeed, required freedom.  They knew that without political independence, men could have no moral independence.  Men needed political freedom to practice personal responsibility before God.  Personal responsibility and political freedom are one.  Put them together, and you get a land of opportunity.  So while we thank the Pilgrims...(Read Full Article)