Outnumbered but not Outgunned

After two resounding wins, it is clear that liberal Barack Obama supporters strongly outnumber conservatives in the U.S. He won the 2012 election with roughly 7 million fewer votes than the 2008 election, and it was still more than enough. We are outnumbered.

Do you know what he did on his first day back at work while you were staring sullenly at the electoral map?

He greenlighted the United Nations Arms Control Treaty, which he plans to use as a springboard for a national gun registration list, followed by confiscation. Do not be surprised. All Marxists do this, and Obama has frequently stated his intentions. He is working quickly, on his first day after re-election. This treaty, even if it dies like so many other things the U.N. touches, will at least cause higher prices as it eliminates the importation of ammunition and guns. Obama has assured us that it will not threaten our Second Amendment rights. Do you believe him?

This is a man who doesn't even believe in Second Amendment rights. While teaching constitutional law at the University of Chicago, Obama told Dr. John Lott that he believed people should not be allowed to have guns. Apparently, knowing the meaning of the Second Amendment is not a requirement for constitutional law professors these days. After seeing that he has us outnumbered, it is alarming that his first priority is to ensure that we are also outgunned.

But we are not outgunned yet. If you, like millions of other Americans, noticed that the value of your stock holdings dropped precipitously the day after Obama was elected, and the following day... and the day after that too, you may be curious to know there is one sector that has been gaining big: guns and ammo. Ruger (RGR) and S&W (SWHC) had a banner week while the rest of the market tanked. That is because millions of us all around the country rushed to our nearest gun stores on Wednesday and bought as much as we could bring home, while we still could. For the past four years the gun industry is the only sector that has seen consistent, nonsubsidized growth, and it is the only sector Obama won't boast about.

Think of it as a reverse bank run. When people fear the banks aren't trustworthy, they rush to the bank to pull out their money. When people fear that the government isn't trustworthy, they rush to the gun stores to spend their money. This is a uniquely American privilege that is not possible in most other countries around the world, and may not be available here for much longer either. If you haven't participated in it, you aren't taking him seriously.

My local shop had a full parking lot overflowing onto two side streets at 11:00 AM on Wednesday after the election. They were completely sold out of 12 gauge buckshot and slugs, and running very low on 5.56 NATO. In the time it took me to browse the store, two different people walked out with AR-15s. For those who aren't familiar, AR-15s are the right hand of freedom in America. Barack Obama, like all tyrants, wants to make sure he has them and we don't. They will be the first guns he puts limits on, but not the last.

Complete control and confiscation of all civilian guns is a major goal for Obama. In 2004, while in the Illinois senate, he voted to make it illegal for people to use guns in self defense. He has argued for a 500% tax on guns and ammunition sales, and voted to allow civil lawsuits against gun manufacturers, for the purpose of running them out of business. Aside from these legislative goals, there is the specter of his Supreme Court appointments, who will continue to approve any and every bill with his signature on it.

Do not chuckle about the gun store runs of the past week. These people are paying attention. You can buy a box of ammo today, or you can buy it tomorrow with a 500% tax. Take your pick. It will get worse. His first-term experiments with executive orders will continue.

As long as he is in office your guns are not safe and your rights are not safe. The Constitution is just a piece of paper that Marxists want to burn. The Second Amendment has no power unless it is enforced by the people, and our president, elected by the people, doesn't even believe in it. The Second Amendment isn't necessary until someone tries to take it, at which point it becomes absolutely paramount. If you aren't prepared for that day, there is no better time to start than today.

It has been said that during buck hunting season there are more armed men in the woods of Michigan than in all the armies of Europe. This may be true in several states, and it indicates the primary reason why no U.S. president has dared to enforce a true gun confiscation law. There are too many of us. Some liberals simply do not respect the ballot box, but they all respect the cartridge box. That is what the Second Amendment is for; to protect the country if the system breaks down.

The U.N. Arms Control Treaty was discussed this past July, and Obama shrewdly dropped out of all talks and kept his distance, waiting for an opportunity when he would have more flexibility. That opportunity came the morning after being re-elected. He spent his first term steering clear of gun control, knowing it would prevent him from re-election. Now that he is free from the voters, he is moving very quickly.

If you believe in the Constitution but do not own a gun, you have been reaping the protective benefits of an armed and free society without personally supporting its existence. It is the duty of all good men and women to own a gun and know how to use it. Gangsters, terrorists, and Marxists (I repeat myself) shouldn't be the only ones doing the shooting. The time for laziness is over. He isn't messing around anymore, so you shouldn't be either. The best time to get a gun was before he came to office, but the second best time is today. There is a gunfight brewing on the horizon, and there is only one rule in gunfights. "Have a gun."

Now is not the time to take up armed revolt against the government or any members of it, but it is time to remind them that you are here. Right now your duty is to pay attention and prepare. The golden rule of guns is that you don't need to use them until someone tries to take them. Better to have one and not need it than need one and not have it. Get one while you can. Then get another one, just to send a message.

How will you know when it is time to take up arms? When someone tries to take them. Tyrants. Always. Start. That. Way. Until then, your only duty is have one ready. What a tragedy it will be on the day the jackboots come through your door, if you have nothing to greet them with. America started with a bang. Do not let it end without one.

T.S. Weidler can be reached at tsweidler at hot mail dot com