Obama's Cold Heart

President Barack Obama looks so warm and friendly on the podium.  In Washington he's known as someone who actually dislikes people in person.  He's possibly the only politician in the world who plays golf only with his aides. Personal relationships with much of Washington - Obama is frighteningly weak. Last week, I asked a member of the Senate if he knows of anyone who really knows Obama. He said he does not. Washington is thick with stories about Obama's insularity and distance. We hear how he does not listen to criticism - he sometimes just walks out of the room... Obama's personal coldness and arrogance are in complete contrast with his media image of the candidate who empathizes with ordinary people.  In reality, he can't even offer human warmth to grieving parents.  Obama's coldness shocked and hurt the families of the men killed in the 9/11 al-Qaeda attack in Benghazi. Sean Smith's mother: They all came up to me and talked to me and everything. I cried on...(Read Full Article)