Obama Voters Rewrite American National Anthem

The punditocracy, like the oracles of old, has spoken. Obama won because of various and sundry reasons, most of which can be debated and none of which is the single, sufficient cause.  But one reason, or unreason, was a definite and perhaps the single most important factor: what became infamously known as "the 47%," who now suckle at the government teat.  While these people rationally, though selfishly, choose that it is better to receive than to give, they failed on Tuesday to choose the nation's best interest or even their own long-term interest on Election Day.  They fail to understand that the goose can run out of golden eggs.  The printing presses, and even China, can run out of money.  On its current path, America must go broke.  Their short-term "reason" to vote for Obama ignores the inevitably ruinous consequences.

Obama's victory rewrites our National Anthem.  Before us, the dawn's early light gives way to a dark future.  How proudly can anyone hail 47 million Americans on food stamps?  That bomb bursting in air is the debt bomb -- not a portent of stalwart patriotism, but the herald of a vanishing American Dream.  Like our diminishing status and future prospects, our banner is no longer star-spangled, but rather strangled by a sclerotic, rapacious leviathan kleptocracy, otherwise known as "the government."  We are no longer the land of the free, but instead the land of the free stuff; no longer the home of the brave, but instead the home of the craven.

Tuesday exposed a critical electoral mass favoring fainthearted dependence over the grand American tradition of plucky self-reliance.  A great number of Americans lacked the courage to risk a dime of their government lucre for the sake of their own children, who now will face a future of crushing debt, economic stagnation, dwindling resources, a ravaged health care system, and, worst of all, virtually no way out.  At the rate things are going, they themselves may yet live to "enjoy" these fruits of their irrational electoral exuberance.

It is no pleasant task to bring you this jeremiad.  But the facts are there: by the mathematical certainty of demographics, our population is moving inexorably in the direction of an overwhelming majority of people receiving government assistance of one kind or another, paired with a dwindling number paying into the government to meet those skyrocketing demands.

There inevitably comes a breaking point, when the math no longer works; there's not enough money to service the scores of trillions of debt and entitlements and services and defense budgets and education and birth control and health care and fat union contracts and gobs of money down the rabbit hole of the next green solar wind farm renewable sustainable crony "investment."  Fact is, there already isn't enough, but we can still somehow continue to borrow the difference, running well over a trillion a year during Act I of Mr. Obama's hour upon the stage.  Remember how he promised Medvedev more flexibility after the election?  If that applies domestically, Act II is going to be a doozy.

What will happen when the bubble bursts?  L-rd, that's a scary thought.  Try to imagine one day in an inner city plagued with massive unemployment, rotting infrastructure, vanishing sanitation and emergency services, broken schools, and shuttered hospitals.  On that one day, a sign is posted in the thick glass separating the bureaucrats from their constituents at the welfare office.  It says: SORRY, WE RAN OUT OF MONEY. NO CHECKS THIS MONTH.

I'm not picking on inner cities for their racial composition.  It is simply a fact that our large cities contain the highest concentrations of people in this condition, with long histories of appalling municipal malfeasance.  See, e.g., Detroit, MI or Camden, NJ.

What happens to people long since rendered unemployable, long since rendered incapable of acting on their own initiative for anything more than filling out paperwork for government programs (and I don't think they have to do even that anymore)?  What happens when they have no food, no shelter, no fuel, and no city, state, or nation to bail them out?  We'll see red glare, all right, but it won't be the rockets' -- it will be our cities burning to the ground.  Will our flag still be there?

Mr. Topas is a practicing attorney in Lakewood, New Jersey who is eternally grateful to the American GIs who rescued his father from the Nazis.