In the Land of the Blind, a One-Eyed Man Is Considered a Heretic

Sometimes it seems that academia's greatest need is a satirist equal to Jonathan Swift, Voltaire, or Mark Twain.  For only somebody possessing such literary greats' immense wit could do justice to the absurd thought processes that pass for wisdom in higher education.  It truly is "the best of all possible worlds," stranger than any land Gulliver visited. Take for example the buzz and ideas bandied about at recent meetings on the University of North Carolina's long-range strategic plan. UNC is a massive public university system, with 17 campuses and over 220,000 students, and the liberal mindset has long dominated there, as it does elsewhere in academia.  The people in the system are revising their blueprint for the future, as they do every five years.  Only this time, there is something different: a strong conservative presence on system's governing body, the Board of Governors. Some segments of the UNC community -- and their allies throughout the state -- are...(Read Full Article)