A Fearless Prognosticator and His Track Record

I made 16 specific predictions for 2012 in early January.  I said then, "You can score me next January."  It's only November 7 as I write, but I think we have enough information right now to see how well I've done. 1. "Romney will win the Republican nomination."  Check. 2. "Obama will win the general election."  Check. 3. "Romney's loss will be blamed on his choice of vice president."  Check.  Note that I made this prediction well before anyone even knew who would be picked.  And as stated here: Romney's selection of Paul Ryan ... in terms of its demographic and geographic effect, the choice was a net zero. It did not help Romney in Wisconsin, where Ryan had never even run statewide. And by choosing Ryan, Romney passed over the more qualified Rob Portman[.] 4. "Joe Biden will continue to be the Vice President[.]"  Check.  (Although I still wonder if that will last.) 5. "Republicans will retain the House 236-220."  Check, mostly. ...(Read Full Article)