Our Ambassador Is Dead, but Obama's Political Guru Is Safe

You could see the pained expression on President Obama's face worsen as a 61-year-old undecided voter told the president during the second presidential debate that he and some co-workers "were sitting around talking about Libya, and we were reading and became aware of reports that the State Department refused extra security for our embassy in Benghazi, Libya, prior to the attacks that killed four Americans." "Who was it that denied enhanced security -- and why?" he asked. A very good question -- and one an honest news media would have so relentlessly hounded any president to answer five weeks after the Benghazi attack that no voter would need to ask it. President Obama's answer did not include even so much as a hint about who denied the requested security or why.  Instead, he: explained that our diplomats "serve all around the world."  No kidding. explained that sometimes they serve "in a very dangerous situation."  Which, of course, is exactly why that voter was...(Read Full Article)