Let's Talk About Lies

After President Obama's drubbing in the first 2012 presidential debate in Denver, the leftist drumbeat is: Romney lies -- end of story.  However, Romney and his advisers should be relishing the tactic the MSM and DNC have concocted to thwart him.  If no one else brings it up, Romney himself should make sure the subject of "Romney lies" comes up in the first ten minutes in the upcoming town hall-style debate.  To blunt and reverse the tactic, Romney should immediately flip the "Romney lies" narrative around, turning this bit of projection back onto its source, exposing the lies of the Obama administration and making the MSM/DNC play defense again.

It took the MSM and DNC (is there a difference any longer?) a few hours, but the first 2012 presidential debate was spun for Obama.  How do you convince 67 million viewers that they can't believe their own eyes?  By explaining Romney was so incredible and Obama was so awful because "Romney lied" every time his lips moved.  Obama was simply bedazzled into befuddlement by the audacity of such bald-faced contradictions from the mouth of Romney!

The MSM/DNC have taken the Master of Lies label to Romney like a cudgel and plan to beat him with it for the next few weeks -- an attempt to nullify any message Romney is able to get across to the voters at the next two debates, or elsewhere that isn't MSM/DNC-filtered.  However, in the next debate, Romney can talk past the MSM/DNC narrative again and apply some political jiu jitsu.

Romney can say the president and the DNC are becoming so desperate and so unable to defend themselves that they have accused him of lying to try to hide their own failed policies, their own cronyism, their own broken promises, and their own cover-ups.  The president can't run on his broken promises, so he accuses Romney of lying -- and the media and their "fact-checkers" to a large extent aid him.  Romney needs to show that he hasn't lied, but that Obama has, and that these lies are not only eroding the trust people have in their government, but also fundamentally transforming America into something which isn't America.

Romney can say something to the effect of "let's talk about lies" and explain that breaking a promise is a definition for lying.  He can then rattle off five or six instances when Obama and his administration have broken promises to the American people.

Romney can say things like:

The president promised America that his $800-billion stimulus package wouldn't ship jobs overseas.  Instead, ABC News reported that 80% of stimulus money spent on wind power went to foreign firms...including some in China.

The president promised America that if his stimulus package passed, unemployment would never be over 8%.  Instead, since the president took office, we haven't seen the underside of 8% unemployment until several days ago when, after so many people have given up hope and stopped looking for work, the number dropped to 7.8%.

The president promised America that he would cut a $1.3-trillion deficit in half by his first term.  Instead, he has added $1 trillion to the deficit every year he has been in office.

The president promised America that ObamaCare would reduce health care costs.  Instead, ObamaCare has raised insurance premiums by $800 to $1,400, although some people have gotten a rebate from the insurance companies...of about $150.

The president promised that he wouldn't allow any tax increase of any kind on those making less than $250,000.  Instead, ObamaCare is the largest tax increase in U.S. history.  In fact, there are at least 20 new or higher taxes on American families and small businesses under ObamaCare.  These taxes will destroy -- not create, but destroy -- jobs.  That is yet another broken promise.

The president promised America that he would stop the influence of cronyism -- of "well-connected friends and high-priced lobbyists," as he put it.  Instead, in his first three years in office, we saw more than $1.5 billion more in spending by lobbyists than in the previous three years.

The president promised America he would and will invest revenue (which means he will spend your tax dollars or borrow money from China) to grow green companies.  Instead, 80% of the time, the green energy loans went to backers of the president.  This is simply cronyism.  And the companies he spends your money on don't even grow; they go bankrupt time and time again!  He loses jobs as fast as he "creates" them.  Two steps "Forward!" and three steps backward is not progress by any rational definition.

The president promised America to make the borders safe.  Instead, the DOJ oversaw Operation Fast and Furious, where thousands of guns went untracked to drug cartels in Mexico, killing Americans as well as Mexicans.

The president promised America transparency.  Instead, after months of congressional investigations being stonewalled by the DOJ and Attorney General Eric Holder, the president finally took action...and promptly covered it up.  He invoked executive privilege to keep the documents away from the light of Congress.

And speaking of cover-ups:

The president who promised America the best intelligence available blamed a little-viewed Muhammad video, and a subsequent spontaneous protest, for the burning of our embassy in Libya and the murder of an ambassador and three other Americans.  Instead, we learn that the administration was involved in a cover-up.  The administration's best evidence actually pointed to a premeditated attack, not a spontaneous attack.  And an attack not from demonstrators who had seen an online video, but from al-Qaeda.

Why the blatant deception?  Why any and all of the deceptions?  A lot of reasons, but mostly because this is an election year, and the MSM/DNC tactic is to shield the president from any political flak and reflect and project everything back onto Romney.  As Breitbart.com's John Nolte has been pointing out, "[t]he Narrative to disqualify Mitt Romney must remain: Romney can do nothing right and Obama can do nothing wrong."

Romney, however, has to show the perfidy, cronyism, and deceit of Obama and his administration because those are the things the administration and its sycophants and cheerleaders are accusing Romney of, with every commercial they air and with every talking point/sound bite they utter.  Most of the little information the low-information voters receive portrays Romney as a villain.  Romney can gain trust and counter the narrative by blowing past the Media Palace Guards and the Naked Emperor and explaining to the townsfolk that their eyes do not deceive them -- that Obama truly stands naked of any defense of his lying and failed record.

Boyd Richard Boyd blogs as the Cold Hearted Patriot at www.catwyp.com and is the author of America Vs. Anti-America.  E-mail:coldheartedpatriot@yahoo.com.  Twitter: @ColdHartPatriot.