Legalizing Weed in Colorado is Reefer Madness

60 Minutes recently did a piece on Colorado's gangbusters "medical marijuana" enterprise, on track to become a nine-billion-dollar drug industry by 2016.  Although we Coloradoans are the healthiest, most athletic bipeds in the nation, so direly in need of medication by cannabis are we that 204 med marijuana shops bloom on Denver's streets and strip malls.  And if the state's November referendum to go really big and legalize weed becomes law, our green gold rush will double or even triple. The pot measure puts a bright spotlight on the tension between the libertarian's argument that a free adult should be able to make personal choices without government interference and the issue of how far laws should go in protecting the health and welfare of the population, especially the nation's youth.  Legalization fans tell us that they merely want to "regulate marijuana like alcohol" and compare anti-weed laws to Prohibition, which didn't work. But pot isn't alcohol, and the...(Read Full Article)