Just When Was Obama Born?

It is beyond any reasonable doubt that Neil Abercrombie, Governor of Hawaii, and Ann Dunham's girlfriends, Susan Blake and Maxine Box, have been telling falsehoods about the President's origins.  It is also beyond any reasonable doubt that there are people within the Obama camp who have managed their fabrications.  It now appears that Mary Toutonghi, Ann Dunham's sometime babysitter in Seattle, was also "managed."

Mary and her husband were the managers of the Villa Ria apartments located in the Capitol Hill section of Seattle.  The apartments were carved out of a large old house.  All of the tenants shared a common kitchen.  Ann and baby had an apartment on the first floor.

In late 2008, it was revealed that Ann had enrolled in classes at the University of Washington for the fall quarter of 1961.  It is clear that the Obama camp was caught off-guard by this revelation.  In Obama's book Dreams from My Father, he claimed that Ann and Obama Sr. along with baby Obama lived together as a family until Obama Sr. left for graduate studies at Harvard.  In the retelling, Obama continues to say he was two at the time.  In fact, he was not yet one.

To mitigate the Seattle revelation, the Obama camp needed to show that Ann and Obama Sr., though separated, were still very much in love.  We thus find Mary making the following improbable statement in January 2009: "[Ann] had told me at one point that because of her husband's post in the tribe he was going to have to go back to Kenya and marry a black woman, as well.  It was a whole different world, so she was accepting of that and hoping she could get back to him soon." 

Ann may have been spinning a tale in 1961, but it seems more likely that Mary was asked to sustain the Obama narrative in 2009 and did.   For one, in his recent book, Barack Obama: The Story, David Maraniss confirmed that there was no real relationship between Ann and Obama Sr.  For another, Mary plays with the dates in very suspicious ways.

Mary was interviewed before the release of Obama's purported birth certificate.  It was important to have witnesses confirm an early August birth.  Susan Blake claimed that Obama was "pink and very new" in late August 1961, just "three-weeks old."  Mary Toutonghi remembers a seven-month-old whom she babysat in the beginning of 1962.  The question is -- was she mistaken about the date of first encounter?

To jog her memory, Mary recounted the age of her own daughter: "[She] was 18 months old and was born in July of 1959 [this has been verified] and that would have placed the months of babysitting Barack in January and February of 1962."  Those dates, however, don't add up.  A child born in July 1959 would be 18 months old in January/February of 1961, several months before Ann reportedly moved to Seattle.

Perhaps to rectify this problem, Mary tried another way to remember the time she babysat.  In a 2009 WND interview, Mary stated, "My daughter was 18 months old and she just had her 50th birthday this year ... so that would make the time around February and March 1962."  Again, the math doesn't work.  The year 2009 minus 50 gives us the correct birth year for Mary's child, but adding 18 months again brings us to January/February of 1961.

If Obama were seven months old in early 1962, this would more or less validate an August 1961 birth.  It appears that Mary might have thought that Ann and child moved into the Villa Ria apartments in early 1962 as well.  She relates that "Ann Dunham and the baby moved in while we were there ... I can't remember when she moved in, but the baby was seven months old."

As with Susan Blake, the remembered dates of Obama's age at first sighting are too precise.  Who remembers that a baby is "three weeks old" or "seven months old" besides the child's own mother?  These seem like implanted memories.  Nor would any mother mistake even another woman's child for a three-week-old infant for a seven-month-old baby.

Here the Obama camp has a problem.  We now know that Ann and baby moved into Mary's apartment house in late August or early September 1961.  This is confirmed by David Maraniss as well as by Marc Leavipp in the registrar's office of the University of Washington.  Ann is also listed in the 1961-1962 Seattle Polk Directory at the Capitol Hill address. 

The reader will recall that, before Maraniss, several mainstream Obama biographers -- Janny Scott of the New York Times, Sally Jacobs of the Boston Globe, and the New Yorker's David Remnick -- finessed Ann's arrival in Seattle forward to early 1962 to sustain the illusion of a real marriage between Ann and Obama Sr.  Mary's story squares with theirs.  Wittingly or not, they may all have been "managed" by the Obama camp.

Still, there is something about the 18-month differential between the age of Mary's daughter and young Obama that rings true.  It is altogether possible that Mary saw a seven-month-old Obama -- not in February 1962, but in late August of 1961.  If so, Obama could not have been born on August 4, 1961, as claimed.

If we assume that Mary's statement is correct, that Obama was seven months old in August/September of 1961, then many things begin to make sense.  First-time mother and 18-year-old Ann Dunham did not improbably take her three-week-old infant from Hawaii to Seattle so she could enroll in school; she waited until he was seven months old and more easily cared for.  Obama was not born in August of 1961; he was born in February 1961.  Mary's daughter was not 18 months old when Mary babysat; she was 18 months older than Obama.  Remember too that Maraniss, Scott, Jacobs and Remnick all are totally -- and inexplicably -- silent on Ann's whereabouts from February to August 1961.

The sham marriage of Ann Dunham and Barack Obama, Sr. would have probably taken place in February of 1961, just before or after the baby was born.  This would also mean that Barack Obama, Sr. the man, "married in name only," who has no physical resemblance to our president, could not be the biological father; there just wasn't enough time.  For Obama Sr. to work as the real biological father, an early August birth date is about as soon as a child could be born.  This would explain the story of an unlikely meeting in a Russian class and the rapid seduction of Ann.   It would also explain why Obama's birth certificate appears to many experts to be a forgery.  Obviously, if Obama was born in February 1961, the birth certificate would have to be "modified."

Is Mary's statement the "smoking gun"?  Did she innocently reveal a truth the Obama camp has been fighting hard to keep covered up?  She has never once mentioned seeing a newborn.  It would stand to reason that if Obama was really just three weeks old when Mary first saw him, that would be what she would remember.  A seven-month-old Obama in late August 1961 would make sense on several levels.

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