How Much of a Set-Up Was Crowley's Libya Question?

On Tuesday night's debate, the evening's most notorious exchange did not begin with moderator Candy Crowley's wildly inappropriate intervention on the "act of terror" question.  It almost assuredly began minutes earlier. The audience question that prompted the exchange came from Long Islander Kerry Ladka, who, reasonably enough, asked in regards to the Libyan consulate, "Who denied enhanced security and why?" The question went to President Barack Obama, and he launched into a well-rehearsed set piece about how he was handling the issue.  Mitt Romney responded much as one would expect him to respond, criticizing the White House response to the attack, especially Obama's Las Vegas trip a day afterwards, and Obama's Mideast policy in general. It was at this point that the debate, certainly from appearances, took a turn for the prearranged.  It was now 70 minutes on.  Crowley conceded a shortage of time and an excess of audience questions. ...(Read Full Article)