Hating Breitbart - A Fitting Film Tribute to a Unique Political Warrior

Andrew Breitbart, who died last March at just 43 years of age, was the hardest-hitting conservative activist of the Obama era.  If you share his conviction that the leftist-dominated media is a threat to open political debate, you will want to see Hating Breitbart, which was screened recently in Washington.  The film offers an affectionate look at the activist's political battles and outsized personality, but it also captures the rage he inspired in his adversaries -- partly due to his flamboyant, combative style, but mostly because he wouldn't play by their rules. For decades, most conservative leaders (and nearly all elected Republicans) could be reliably intimidated by name-calling, especially by allegations of racism.  Andrew Breitbart didn't care what his opponents called him. n Instead of apologizing, he turned a new media spotlight back on the accusers.  In the process, he broke major stories that "mainstream" reporters wouldn't touch. Breitbart particularly...(Read Full Article)