Egyptian President Morsi Shows His Colors

Historically, the Egyptian prison cell has been the incubator for monumental accomplishments, such as the formation of al-Qaeda and the current presidency of Egypt.  It has provided the necessary network, doctrine, and framework to spawn greater goals.  Perfect plans have been hatched and prepared in Egypt's prison blocks, allowing bad actors like Muhammad Morsi to plot their next moves.  Within a few days of Hosni Mubarak's confinement of Morsi to the Two Sahrawi branch of the Wadi el Natruon Penitentiary during Egypt's January 2011 uprising, Morsi broke out.  He was a pawn in the execution of the Muslim Brotherhood's long-awaited scheme to take over Egypt. Morsi was under arrest for suspicion of treason and not yet officially a sentenced criminal at the time of his escape.  He might never have received a trial.  Hardcore Islamists like Morsi have always been thrown behind bars by Egypt's dictators in order to prevent successful insurrections and the...(Read Full Article)